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Have to find out how it’s being standardized how it’s being structured and homogenized. Because all of those components together make the data more marketable and more effective. Q: You sound like you’re very hands-on with these discussions with RMNs. What role do agencies and adtech partners play? A: We’ve actually made a conscious decision to build out these capabilities in-house. So I have a team of hands-on-keyboard programmatic traders doing all my media buying for upper-funnel media. I have two

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Who are actually doing the big management in-house. We’ve walked away from an agency supporting our retail media to us doing it in-house because we wanted it hands-on to see the performance  business email list CPMs what’s working and not working so we can make changes and pivot on the fly. What we do use is more SaaS platforms to help manage this because they do a great job at structuring the data that we can then analyze and use more effectively. We work with CommerceIQ and we worked with Skai in the past. We work with The Trade Desk and Yahoo to be able to transact with their platforms and make our operations more

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Free. In your inbox. Business email address Get in your inbox. See terms. Add to your Google News feed. Google News Related stories Why we care about retail media networks IAB releases new guidelines as retail media networks mature B2C phone List What brands and retailers need to know about RMNs Retailers invest in GenAI and media networks Sam’s Club’s retail media network rolls out new experience and targeting capabilities New on Meta launches genAI features for ads 3 ways MOps can bridge the gap in marketing analytics New GA4 features improve security and report accuracy The latest jobs in Real Story Group launches free

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