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Create subpages exception occurs when, before the deadline for the submission of tenders. The contracting authority, at the request of the tenderers. Has explain the contract award criteria and their importance in sufficient detail. Clarifications or additional information relate to the selection or award criteria. Provide by the contracting authority were not communicate to all bidders or publish. The beneficiary returns % of the funding. Application of discriminatory grounds base on unjustified national or local preferences. Cases where economic operators may have been discourage from submitting a tender due to exclusion.

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Selection or award criteria or procurement conditions involving unjustified national, regional or local preferences. When submitting an offer, the ordering party requires suppliers/contractors to have a plant, experience or qualifications or equipment in Photo Retouching a given country or region. In this case, a financial correction of % of the funding is impose . If the above-mention conditions apply, but a minimum level of competition is ensure, i.e. offers meeting the qualification criteria have been receive and accept from a number of contractors, the percentage rate is then % of the funding.

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Insufficient or imprecise definition of the subject of the contract. The description in the contract notice or the specification of essential terms of the contract is insufficient or inaccurate and may prevent potential tenderers/candidates from fully determining the B2C Phone List subject of the contract, which may have a deterrent or potentially restrictive effect on competition. In such a case, a refund amount equal to % of the funding is impose . However, the number of inquiries submit by potential bidders is not an indicator of the existence of irregularities if the contracting authority provides appropriate answers to the bidders’ inquiries.

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Determine the known as the financial corrections schedule. In the event of an individual irregularity in the field of public procurement carried out in projects co-financed from EU funds, the conditions for reducing the value of eligible expenses specified in the above-mentioned regulation apply. Below we indicate the values ​​of financial corrections occurring in the event of a specific individual irregularity. The indicated percentage for irregularities is calculated based on the value of the contract in which the irregularity was found. Order announcement Refers to a situation in which the entrepreneur did not publish a contract.

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Notice in accordance with the relevant regulations or awarded the contract directly conducted a negotiated procedure without prior publication Photo Retouching of the contract notice. In such a case, the beneficiary is obliged to return of the funding obtained. Artificial division of orders into construction works/services/supplies If the project involves construction works or the purchase of a certain amount of supplies or services, identical cost categories should be combined and published in the appropriate publication in accordance with the procurement threshold. If the beneficiary decides to artificially divide.

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The costs of construction works or supplies or services into several orders in order to avoid publication of an announcement and the application of the principle of competition, this may result in the imposition of a financial correction worth % of the reimbursement B2C Phone List of the subsidy. The artificial division of the order is examined and interpreted in relation to the criterion: objective, subjective and temporal identity. Subject matter identity is established in the case of orders for the same items (same purpose of the items), i.e. when there is technical convergence and functional relationship. Entity identity, as the name suggests, refers to the entity.

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Adapting the system learning technology that helps Google better understand the context and meaning of Adapting the system words in queries. Google algorithmic filter and search results. Algorithmic filters can influence a website’s ranking in search results in a variety of ways. Here are some examples: A website with low-quality content may appear in low positions. A site engaging in unethical link building practices may be penalize by the Penguin algorithm, resulting in a lower ranking. A site that isn’t optimize for the semantics and context of user queries may be less visible in search results.

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Comparison of manual and algorithmic filters Differences in operation. The main difference between manual and algorithmic filters is the way they. Manual filter Photo Retouching are applied by Google specialists who evaluate websites Adapting the system for compliance with quality guidelines. Algorithmic filters, on the other hand, are automate systems that evaluate websites. Base on various factors and influence the site’s position in search results in real time. Effects on websites Both manual and algorithmic filters are design to maintain. The quality of search results and eliminate sites that employ unethical SEO practices.

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However, the effects of applying a manual filter.  May be more drastic and more difficult to remove, as they require the intervention of Google specialists. Adapting the system In the case of algorithmic filters, the website can automatically regain its position after making B2C Phone List appropriate changes and optimizations. How to check the Google filter? How to check the Google filter? Here are some steps you can take to verify that your Google filters are working. The place SEO team uses methods such as. Monitoring website traffic: Analytics tools such as Google Analytics will help you monitor website traffic.