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Most marketers assume that a bigger email list means a better one, but that’s not necessarily the case. While it’s totally awesome to have a large email list, it’s actually better to have a more engag one. That’s because mailbox providers monitor email engagement as a way of evaluating sender reputation. Sender reputation: sender reputation is a score that mailbox providers like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail give to your brand. These service providers evaluate how many emails you send, spam complaints, unsubscribe rates, and many other email engagement metrics to determine your score.

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The higher the score, the more likely you are to land in the inbox and avoid the spam folder. Sending high-quality emails that your subscribers actually want to receive is the only way to maintain b2b leads your sender reputation. Engagement indicates to mailbox providers that people really want to receive your emails. The more engag your list, the less likely you’ll get caught in the spam folder in the future. Email engagement and your list: how can you build a more engag email list? It starts with hygiene. At least a couple of times per year (but maybe more often), you should go through your entire email list and make sure your addresses are up-to-date.

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You should also consider proactively removing or segmenting subscribers who are unengag with your emails. This kind of list hygiene removes dead weight from your list. And while your total subscriber count may dwindle a bit, your email engagement rates will improve significantly. That’s simply because B2C Phone List the people who don’t engage are no longer dragging down your metrics. Here are some important list hygiene best practices: monitor your bounce rates. The bounce rate is the ratio of your total number of emails sent that couldn’t be successfully deliver to the recipient’s inbox. There are two kinds of bounces to watch for: soft bounces and hard bounces.

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