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As a business, is it important to know the best time to post? The time must always be right. This applies not only to personal matters in the donation, but also to social media. We all know how noisy social media can be with brands posting every minute. If you communicate too early or too late, you may miss the opportunity to lose the opportunity to lose potential customers. This is especially true on Instagram, an image-heavy platform designed to grab users’ attention. but even if you have a great post, if it’s published at the time it should be seen today…

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To record the sound, it is recommended to also use a decent

Favoring current topics and possibly bringing a new perspective usually works. The most important thing  To record the sound is to keep the listener involved from beginning to end. The first 5 seconds are critical, this time often determines whether the viewer’s interest is piqued or not.

Clear and short tutorial videos are a useful way to get potential customers interested in your expertise. With their help, it is possible to communicate even about complex matters in a memorable way. Videos that teach something often attract those interested in the topic to come back.

You can make YouTube videos with a smartphone

The best part about making videos is that it’s not rocket science and anyone can do it. You can get high-quality Belarus Phone Number List material on your phone, so you don’t need any expensive video cameras for this.


Would it be time to take out the phone and try the first video? It’s going well!

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Piia is a computer enthusiast who is enthusiastic about communication and a gentle language lover, who is interested B2C Phone List  in changing work and working life. Phenomena and people serve as sources of inspiration for writing and life.

Light entrepreneurship or your own business?

Have you heard the argument that an entrepreneur should earn at least twice as much as a wage earner To record the sound in order to cover his expenses and succeed as an entrepreneur. The claim that an entrepreneur should earn twice as much as a wage earner is undeniably wild. Could less be enough? According to Anja Kadziolka, digital marketing trainer and founder of Business School and Mamaonbis community, an entrepreneur should earn at least 1.7…

Making Youtube videos – These tips will get you

In our previous article on YouTube, Don’t be afraid of YouTube, we gave the steps to start video marketing. 

Even when it comes to making videos, well-planned is half done. It is worth spending time on the background work so that the end result stands out.

The first steps

To get started, it’s good to think about who the video is aimed at, who is being targeted, what topic is being Bahrain Phone Numbers List  talked about and why. If the target group is too broad, it is easy to end up talking about topics that are ultimately of no interest to anyone. By narrowing, the focus becomes more precise and you can find perspectives that are in genuine demand.

You can easily get inside the head of the target audience by googling: you can simply search for the most popular questions in the subject area that people are looking for solutions to.

So what should you talk about in the video? There are no specific guidelines for this, because you can talk about almost anything. Of course, as a result of the background work done at Google, you will surely find a common problem for which you want to share a solution.

If you haven’t filmed a video before, you may feel nervous in front of the camera and your own voice may sound strange. However, practice makes perfect in this matter too!

Instructional videos bring viewers

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There is a wide selection of videos on YouTube on any topic. There are already a huge number of Finnish B2C Phone List  YouTube channel. Many of which have gained popularity outside Finland as well.

We give you an overview of the basics of marketing

Monitoring the results is as important as the marketing itself. Despite this, the effects of marketing on the development of sales are often left unexamined; after one marketing campaign, you often move on to planning the next one, and it’s easy to forget to check the results.

However, follow-up is important; without measuring the results, it is not possible to know whether the marketing has helped. It also remains unclear which things have worked and which have not. In this case, marketing cannot be developed, but it is easy to repeat the same mistakes.

Without measuring marketing, there is no learning!

Information can be collected in many ways. For example, you can study how many visitors come to your site, how they got there and how they behave on them; what they click and read, for example. You can also take advantage of conversion optimization!

Trends for the current decade

Below are a few things to include in your marketing plan for next year!

Targeting and personalization. Customers are naturally most attracted to advertisements that meet their needs and interests. Badly personalized ads, on the other hand, make many people nervous. So be careful here!

Mobile friendliness . More and more services have moved to mobile, and as a result, people spend even more of their time browsing and shopping there. Build your own pages so that they are pleasant to scroll through!

Video content. The public likes videos – in addition to carefully planned ones, but also live broadcasts. So use them to your advantage!

Storytelling. People love stories, and in companies, customers are interested in its background, the activities of the staff and the everyday events of the office. Take advantage of this when producing content; highlight your company’s story and show yours and your team’s everyday life on social media

Testimonials. This is also related to storytelling; showcase your customers and potential employees and let Bahamas Phone Number List their voices be heard. The public is often more easily convinced by the stories of customers and subordinates than by what the management or the private entrepreneur himself tells.

Authenticity. In influencer marketing, this is everything; it increases the transparency of your operations and people’s trust in your operations!

Sound like a chore?

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Marketing may seem difficult at first, but in the end it is very simple.

Take the marketing plan as B2C Phone List a tool that makes everyday life easier, i.e. make it as easy to use and tangible as possible. A good marketing plan is measurable, adaptable and clearly defined.

Also join our online marketing course if you want to learn how to market like a pro!  as well as plenty of concrete tips for practical implementation.

Also read an earlier article about new company marketing , where we go into more detail about digital marketing measures.

Sharing services on several pages is useful both from

Your homepage is the most important of your sales channels, so it’s worth investing in it. When you start designing them, think first of all about what their purpose really is; is your goal to use them to produce aesthetic experiences for visitors, or do you want to present technical innovations through them?

The primary purpose of an entrepreneur’s, small business owner’s, freelancer’s or other self-employed’s website is to acquire customers.

The website must have an elegant and clear appearance, and navigation must be

made as easy as possible. Remember that your homepage is not meant to showcase your artistry or technical skills; a beautiful website is of no use if it doesn’t bring you new customers.

Simplicity is beautiful – and more functional!

The website should also make ordering and contacting you as easy as possible. It is good to clearly display a contact form or at least a link to it on each page.

In addition to clear Azerbaijan Phone Number List contact information, make good introductory texts about your products or services for the site; it would be profitable for each of them to create their own pages. the point of view of search engine optimization and Google AdWords advertising.

Also present your previous work on the site and take your portfolio to it if you have one! If possible, also highlight your customers’ experiences and comments.

Be seen and heard on social media!

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Some has revolutionized human interaction and marketing over the past decade; thanks to it, the interaction B2C Phone List  between brands and people has become mutual. The audience’s reaction on social media also significantly affects the popularity of a product or service.

Social media is an excellent environment for a small business owner or other operator selling their own expertise.

There are plenty of channels. Most often, companies and self-employed people use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat and Pinterest in their marketing. It is not worth forcing your way into all channels; rather choose a few that best suit your activity and invest in them!

Since social media was created for networking – and at the same time for customer acquisition – you should do it boldly. Send contact requests, share interesting content, participate in discussions and start them yourself! Also remember to answer the questions and possible criticism you receive openly and matter-of-factly.

Not all channels should be used, choose the

There is a lot of talk about networking , but not for nothing. For a small business owner, it is important for numerous reasons. First, it has an impact on customer acquisition; if your name is on the bus radio and good things are heard about you, customers are more likely to contact you directly.

Build networks both on social media and face to face!

Many events are organized nowadays, where the main purpose is specifically

networking; If possible, you should also participate in these, because you can talk to interesting people quite easily.

Note, however, that standing out from the contact stream can be difficult. People have come to the event specifically to network, so they will probably take dozens of contact information with them. Discussions at such events are often also superficial; your interlocutor may not be able to concentrate on your conversation for very long when he is already busy networking with the next person.

So rather invest in quality than quantity!

Participating in various events and networking events in your field is definitely worthwhile. However, keep in mind that simply shaking people’s hands and repeating your name often does not lead to anything significant. You get the best results in networking by being genuine.

If a conversation with certain people feels particularly nice and interesting, try to get to know them deeper than the surface. Suggest a joint lunch or coffee in addition to exchanging contact information!

Contacts created in genuine Benin Phone Number List conversations are more likely to lead to genuine referrals than, for example, conversations on social media. Of course, both also support each other.

When networking and exchanging contact information, think about how you and your conversation partner can best benefit from each other. This is not selfish thinking, but good business!

Don’t forget a digital marketing plan

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Today, marketing is very much done digitally, both online and on social media channels. With this, a digital marketing plan is also needed. How is one made?

The digital marketing plan takes B2C Phone List  into account all digital channels, such as websites, search engine marketing, social media channels and marketing automation. The digital marketing plan is based on the marketing plan, and it’s good to think about: in which channels the target groups can be found best and what kind of messages resonate best with them. ones that best suit your business and invest in them!

If no one is interested in buying from you

It is absolutely essential that you know your customer. When planning your marketing, it’s not enough to know where your customers come from; also find out what they are like and why they end up using your services.

Are your customers, for example, individuals or companies? If they are the latter, what position does the buyer have in the company? Why is it your services that interest him?

The repeat purchase rate of customers is a good indicator of the quality of your work. If you offer good service and pleasant experiences, customers will probably come to you again.

Remember that selling to old customers is much easier than acquiring new ones! So, in addition to customer acquisition, take good care of your current customer relationships. It is not always a good idea to maximize the amount of the first bill, but to think in the longer term.

Treat all your customers politely and as equals.

You shouldn’t enthusiastically push the most expensive solution to every customer; instead, sell what best suits his needs. An additional sale of one thousand euros is a small profit compared to a customer relationship lasting a lifetime!

The most efficient way to Belize Phone Number List quickly acquire new customers is to directly contact people belonging to your target group and offer your work input. Making phone calls would be the best way, even though the thought of calling after completely unknown customers feels numbing.

However, telephone sales are useful in many ways!

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When you call and tell about your business idea, it’s worth asking for feedback at the same time. This way you B2C Phone List  can hear directly and quickly how your operation sounds from the customer’s point of view and what its potential problems are.

We therefore recommend that when you start selling a new product or service, you call more potential customers; this way you get a good overall picture of what your customers expect and how much they would be willing to pay.

Calling after several customers can be hard work, but it’s worth dedicating a day or two to it! In the end, it’s a small price to pay for getting to know the good sides and problem areas of your service at the very beginning. This way you won’t end up wondering after a long time what went wrong in your operation and when.

It is important for a beginner light entrepreneur to get a lot of contacts quickly. The more feedback you get from colleagues or potential customers, the better you can develop your own service! , you know you’re going in the wrong direction.


Nurture both new and existing relationships

Next, map out your competitive advantage . Why do your customers actually prefer to buy from you rather than your competitors? Are you able to offer something that others in your industry do not – are your products or services the highest quality or the most advanced, or are you the fastest and most reliable operator?

Raise your competitive advantage to the top of your marketing! Emphasize it in customer meetings, networking events, on your website, brochures and other marketing materials.

Then plan your service packages and their pricing , and do this with your customer base in mind. Pricing also defines your strategy.

If you price your service expensively, you have to focus on a smaller customer

base; the average price of your work is then high, but there are fewer customers. If, on the other hand, you Belarus Phone Number List  lower your prices at the expense of your competitors, you will most likely get more customers. However, their quality is then lower, as is your hourly wage.

Along with these, consider your resources in terms of marketing. Set a precise budget before Nurture both new and existing  choosing marketing channels; besides the money, think about how much of your own time you have available for marketing.

A beginner light entrepreneur is often in a situation where there is plenty of time,

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But too little money. Often, however, the  B2C Phone List  situation slowly begins to turn in the other direction; customer work takes all the time, but on the other hand, there is more money in the bank account.

Make a resource calculation according to the current situation and be prepared to modify it if necessary.

Also calculate an estimate Nurture both new and existing  for your own schedule. Think about how much of the time you spend on your own marketing needs to produce a result, so that the use of time is as useful as possible.

How is a marketing plan prepared

There is no one right way to make a plan that suits everyone. Others like a calendar plan, while others prefer a text plan. Companies are individual, so the marketing plan should also be prepared in such a way that it is the best and easiest for you to use.

A business name entrepreneur’s marketing plan should be light, but full of substance. It is good to keep in mind that the purpose of the plan is not to convince the management team, but to focus on really significant issues. Also, the more precise the plan is, the easier it is to implement, monitor and measure in practice.

If the marketing plan answers the questions below, we are already on the right track.

You can start making a plan by thinking about, for example, the following things:

  • Target group : Who are your customers?
  • Competitor analysis and competitive advantages : Who are your biggest competitors? Why is your service better than your competitors?
  • Pricing : How to define the price of your own products/services?
  • Customer retention : How to keep customers coming back?
  • Resources : What is your marketing budget? How much resources are used for marketing measures in terms of time and money?
  • Marketing channels : In which channels is your product or service marketed?
  • Actions : What actions will be taken to achieve the goals?
  • Measuring results : How are results monitored and reported?

With the help of these questions, you can already get off to a good start in making a marketing plan. Also Bahrain Phone Numbers List  remember that the goals should be such that marketing brings more than it takes away. And above all, don’t forget to update your marketing plan. Remember to keep coming back to it again and again.

Build a marketing plan on a solid foundation

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It is good to start by defining the target group. Based on that, you can plan the style of your communication and marketing, as well as where you take care of them! It is clear that services are sold to seniors differently than to millennials, and there are some differences between professional groups as well.

If you have already sold your services before, think about who specifically bought them.

Have the previous customers been B2C Phone List   from your best target group, or have you gotten certain types of customers just by chance? It could be that your most promising target group has been completely forgotten by you, and you haven’t spoken to them at all. Map which group of people needs your services and is interested in paying the most for them!


Marketing plan for an independent entrepreneur

Marketing plan for an Are you currently working on your first  – or would you like to supplement or up date  for an  an already existing plan? In this article, we will talk about both the basics and a couple of trends of the coming decade, which independent entrepreneurs should take into account in their marketing!

During the 2010s, the marketing field experienced quite  for an independent entrepreneur  a few changes, and it will be interesting to see what will happen in the 2020s! The principles of marketing will hardly change – but the means will!

Marketing supports sales and profitability, and its high-quality planning is


Marketing plan for an important; it helps to keep up with what is being done and why. Planning is essential for both large companies and individual self-employed people.

A small business  for an owner or business name entrepreneur does not have a huge machine to Marketing plan for an support him, like large organizations, and often not even a team with whom he  could have brainstorming sessions or to whom he could delegate tasks. Without marketing planning, it is easy for him to go astray.

Entrepreneurs starting out should start by making a  plan right away. Otherwise, it can easily happen Bahamas Phone Number List  that marketing remains fragmented and   the company does not achieve the desired goals. So where should you start marketing planning and what all should be taken into account? Get tips for making a marketing plan here and take your marketing to a whole new level!

The marketing plan serves as a manual for marketing

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A marketing plan is a concrete B2C Phone List   plan for doing . Which tells how the marketing strategy .Will be put into practice in accordance. With the goals.

plan doesn’t have to   be complicated or long. But the most important thing is   simplicity and  Marketing plan for an clear goals. Next, we   for an independent entrepreneur will go through. How a  should be drawn up in practice.

However, there is no v need to create a huge and complicated diagram! A marketing plan can be very light, as long as it focuses on the essentials.

Now you have to calculate how many customers you have to

It is also good for a small business .Owner to take into account in the prices that .The invoice amount is not the same as the salary amount. That is credited to the account. In addition to the fee for the invoicing service. Ukko.Fi’s light entrepreneurs’ salaries include. Taxes and possible pension and social security payments.

In addition to these side costs. There are many other costs in the pricing of your own work.Which should be taken into account .When thinking about the price for your own service.

It would be good to include in the billing amount


It is also good to note that in traditional employment relationships you will receive a monthly salary, even if every Azerbaijan Phone Number List  hour of your work was not productive. As a small business owner or a beginner entrepreneur. This must be taken into account in such a way that. Especially in the early stages of your entrepreneurial career. You may not be able to sell every hour of your work.

Set a target income and calculate how to get there

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You should start pricing by thinking about how much you would be happy with your income. Think about the amount both B2C Phone List   monthly and annually. After that, you can calculate how much you need to bill in a certain time to get to your desired income level after all expenses.

Next, take into account the fact that you cannot bill a whole year’s or even a month’s salary from your first client.  have per day or per month, for example.

Also remember to set aside time for sales and marketing – customers appear less often out of nowhere!

In addition, you should remember to take into account the different seasons, because customers in almost no field come evenly throughout the year. It may be that during the quietest times there are no customers at all. Of course, you can influence this yourself quite a lot through your  marketing activities  .

This may lead to a nasty cycle of underpricing, which can be

Only ten percent of those who responded to’s survey said that they could not raise the prices of their services.

As a follow-up question. The respondents were asked the reasons .Why raising prices would not be successful. A few different reasons are repeated in the answers received, of which the most frequently mentioned is that there is so much competition in the industry. That there are always factors that price their work cheaper. Many of the small business. Owners also said that their own price is already “Dead” or that the price has been agreed in advance .With the client.And this price cannot be changed. The answers to the question also mentioned doing gigs as a hobby. Not for earning:

“I’m retired and I

ay gigs to pass the time. Of course, the taxman would like it if I raised taxis.”

How much does the work done by an expert cost?

You often hear horror stories about how much a half-hour’s work by, say, a plumber or a doctor costs. “How dare Turkey Phone Number List they charge a hundred euros? Yes, I could change my field with that salary too.” Such people rarely have an understanding of what the price of an entrepreneur’s work consists of.

Unfortunately, in  This may lead to a nasty the same way, you may notice how the new entrepreneur does not have a realistic picture of what all he has to pay for with the invoicing he receives.

difficult to get out of, as justifying the price increase to the customer is always difficult.

So pricing is really not easy. But there are many ways to make it easier. The same laws apply to several different fields. And by following them, many self-employed people and entrepreneurs can get started .When thinking about how much their own work will cost the customer.

In this article. I will now share a few proven and working tips that you can use to build or critically .Examine your own pricing. With the help of advice. You can get your own pricing to a level that covers the costs. But of course this does not have to be enough. Namely, if you can afford to raise the asking price for your work. Do it!

The billing amount is different from the salary amount

phone number list

As said, it can be difficult for many .Who have only been in a traditional employment relationship. To B2C Phone List   understand all the costs that should be taken into account .When pricing their own service. Even though the employer pays various side costs of the salary in the employment relationship, they are often not visible to the employee.