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It’s never too late to send an email like this one from Bespoke Post. While they typically send this email at the beginning of their welcome flow, you can retroactively ask your subscribers what they want to receive and when, or point them to an overall preferences center. You Ne to Reach From there, you can create different segments bas on behavior. Set preferences for email messages. When you know what your subscribers are interest in. You can use that in your email segmentation strategy to deliver messages that are more valuable and relevant. And that means people will be more likely to engage.

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Keep in mind that some people just don’t want to hear from you, so frequently asking them their preferences upfront and switching up the email cadence can be a great way to keep business lead them as a subscriber without sacrificing engagement. As painful as it can be to go through your hard-won leads, it’s important to eliminate any email addresses with low engagement scores that haven’t yet unsubscrib. But before you say goodbye for good, consider sending a re-engagement campaign.

Know What to Look For

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Re-engagement emails give your subscribers who haven’t open or click on an email for a certain period of time (say, 90 days or more) one more chance to engage with one of your emails. Sometimes B2C Phone List call reactivation or we miss you emails, these simple, straightforward emails help we out any low-engagement subscribers to be remov from your list.  You Ne to Reach This email from an auto trader is a great example. It gives subscribers a chance to update their preferences or opt out since it’s been a while. You may have to get on your knees and ask, Will you continue to be my subscriber?

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