ENAE Digital Marketing Congress in Murcia 2023

Next March 11 You Can’t Miss the Digital Marketing Congress Organized by the Enae Business School in Murcia, Spain Enae is a Business School Located in Murcia With More Than 30 Years of Experience. Within Their Master of Marketing and Digital Business Program , They Have Been Organizing a Very High-level Digital Marketing Congress for Several Years. This Time They Are Already in Their Sixth Edition. In This 2023 Edition They Will Have the Following Speakers and Presentations: Sergio Montes – I’m Already Digital, Now It’s Virtual Rocío Gonzalez – Data Science in Today’s Marketing Víctor Campuzano.

Master of Marketing and Digital Business

Growth Marketing: Beyond “i’ll Cook It, I’ll Eat It” Celia executive email list Villarino – and That’s How the Client Multiplied His Conversion Rate by 12. Antonio López – Clustering Techniques to Improve the Overall Traffic of a Website César Aparicio – Techniques and Real Example That Will Help You Improve Your Positions on Google Sico De Andrés – Inkbuilding From a Different Perspective an Excellent Syllabus That Combines Topics of Digital Strategy, Web Analytics, Seo, Content Marketing and Web Conversion. Attending an in-person Digital Marketing Conference Has Many Advantages. Firstly, It Allows You to Connect With Other Professionals and Experts in the Industry, Giving You the Opportunity to Network and Network.

Digital Marketing Congress

In Addition, Conferences Usually Feature Renowned Speakers B2C Phone List Who Share Their Knowledge and Experiences, Allowing You to Learn and Stay Up to Date With the Latest Trends in Digital Marketing. It is Also an Opportunity to Learn About New Tools and Technologies That Can Help You Improve Your Marketing Strategies. Finally, Attending an in-person Digital Marketing Conference Allows You to Get Out of Your Daily Routine and Immerse Yourself in an Environment of Learning and Professional Growth. Remember: Enae Digital Marketing Congress Date: Saturday March 11, 2023 Location: Murcia. In-person Event This Year I Will Be Lucky Enough to Attend and Catch Up on Online Marketing Topics, in Addition to Networking With Excellent Professionals in the Sector.

How to detect the originality of ChatGPT content

Chatgpt has made creating human-like content very easy. Just give it a few prompts and get the content you want. In addition, he also writes all types of content. Whether you want a fictional story, an academic assignment, a How to detect business document, or a marketing-focused text, chatgpt can write it for you. It is an exceptional content creator that has all the qualities you want from an ai language model . However, there is a big problem with chatgpt content. Support the culture of deception in content creation. Additionally, it helps content creators write words that are not their own. It provides them with content that the creators claim is theirs. Now many students and writers do not research their topics; they open chatgpt, ask you to provide the content, modify the given content, and share it as they type it.

Use an online plagiarism detector

It is advisable to verify the content that chatgpt provides us. In executive email list addition, they must also check its originality. Otherwise, they may have to face uncomfortable repercussions. This article we will discuss some ways to verify the originality of content created from chatgpt . Let’s get started! Meme chat gpt drake table of contents use an online plagiarism detector detectors of content created by artificial intelligence tips to maintain the originality of chatgpt content concluding… use an online plagiarism detector there are dozens of plagiarism checkers available. These tools help both content creators and fact-checkers maintain the originality of content. An advanced and reliable plagiarism checker detects all cases of plagiarism to ensure that no one uses others’ content without proper attribution.

Detectors of content created by Artificial Intelligence 

They are used by content creators or students to ensure that their B2C Phone List content is unique and does not infringe copyright. Additionally, business owners who hire content creators for their websites or other documents and teachers can also use such tools to avoid copyright attacks and maintain academic integrity. Ai tools for content creation are trained to fool plagiarism checkers. With the increase in gpt content, plagiarism checkers must also update their algorithms to detect plagiarism. Therefore, plagiarism checking tools should also use ai and machine learning technology to discover plagiarism in content of this type. -small-seo-tools-detects-plagiarism detectors of content created by artificial intelligence a new debate in academic circles has emerged these days.

The best tools to manage your PDF files

Are you looking for the best pdf tools that can help you manage documents on your personal computer? Well, you have landed in the right place. Here in this post, we will tell you all about the most popular online and offline pdf tools that can be used on your windows device. Before we tell you about online or offline pdf management tools , we would like you to know the common problems that a user may face while dealing with pdf files. Here we have mentioned some of the most common problems that each of us would face while using pdf format. Pdf files cannot be edited or modified.

The most popular tools that can help you

Cannot share multiple pdf files easily large pdf size cannot be executive email list uploaded/shared forgetting the password for a pdf document is common pdf files don’t always work better on mobile devices if you are facing these pdf problems and are looking for the best possible solutions, then you must read this post. Here we have discussed the most useful tools that can help you tackle these common problems. Memes pdf documents the most popular tools that can help you tackle pdf problems out of hundreds of useful tools, we have discussed here the most useful ones that you can use on your windows devices. This is a very famous pdf management software that you can install on your windows os devices.

This easy-to-use PDF editing software

This is one of the best options, and this is because it comes with B2C Phone List multiple tools including a pdf organizer, editor, splitter, merge, and many more. Using swifdoo pdf, you can easily extract, delete, split, reorder, rotate, and replace pdf pages. Swifdoo’s most popular and useful tool is the pdf organizer. By using the pdf organizer, you can easily arrange the pages of your documents in any order you want. You can split the document, rotate pages, add blank pages, and also combine multiple files into one. Apart from this, you will also find different pdf editing and conversion options. Overall, swifdoo is a very reliable tool with a friendly interface that makes it a popular choice for both beginners and experienced users. One important thing to know about swifdoo is that it is only available for windows devices.

Amazon SEO Strategy Keyword Research and Other Tips

Like any other platform, Amazon SEO Amazon has its own internal ecosystem, and understanding this ecosystem gives you a better opportunity to stand out and reach more customers. Of course, the best basis is to find products that are in high demand and have little competition, and find quality sourcing agents who can find those products , but not all sellers are lucky enough to sell in such a niche. One thing every seller can do is understand how the Amazon A9 algorithm works. Then, tailor your listing to help you stand out, improve your rankings, and get as much real estate as possible. in the first place Unfortunately, space is limit on Amazon because there is a limit to the number in the first place of characters you can use to optimize your listing. Therefore, it is important to use this space as efficiently as possible. How do keywords work on Amazon? Before You Find the Right Keywords, You Ne to Learn About. A Few Terms. The First Term is Search Term. In the First Place a Search Term is Anything. A Customer Types Into Amazon’s Search Bar. Collect Keywords. From These Searches. In the First. Place in Other Words, We Want to Extract Keywords. By Finding Search Terms That Are Deem Relevant.

How to get the right keywords

There is also a term call indexing. Have you heard company data the old expression all roads lead to Rome? Indexing in like manner is basically an indicator of how many ‘roads’ lead to your accommodation. in the first place in the first place The idea behind indexing is to include relevant, short-tail keywords in your listing description to ensure that you are includ in as many searches as possible. Short Tail in Like Manner Keywords Are Single. Words or Short Phrases With in the First Place. High Search Volume That Can Be Includ. In Longer Phrases With High Search Volume to Drive Customers. To Pages Where Your Listing. Appears as One of the Search Results. In the First. Place the Idea is to Find Relevant. Search Terms That Contain Keywords That Describe Your Product and Find Ways to Include Them in Your Listing. Organic Ranking. In the First Place. You Want to Be One of the Search Results. On a Particular Page, So You Want to Be at the Top of the Search Results.

Five bullets are provid each with 500 characters

Getting higher rankings is something that can be in the first place achiev using Amazon SEO pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which is an important activity that relies heavily on SEO. To get good keywords, you ne to know what people are searching for relat to the B2C Phone List product you’re selling. in the first place This is easier said than done. Listing Images  in the first place This has nothing to do with SEO. It’s all about the customer.

9 Ways to Improve Your Slide Presentation for Local

Many small and local businesses ignore the power they can gain from creating slideshow presentations on the web. However, slideshows are excellent for marketing, advertising, and audience ucation. First and foremost, it’s best to optimize your presentation for best visibility in search engines. But these days, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out. Especially with changes in algorithms, we ne to stay one step ahead. Nonetheless, there are a few ways you can stand out from the competition. But in this article, we’ll show you 9 ways you can optimize your local SEO by improving your slide presentations. 9 Ways to Improve Your Slide Presentation for Local SEO
 Leverage your current assets Let’s say you and your sales team are creating a presentation for prospects at a conference. In this case, this type of presentation will not only boost your rankings in search engines like Google whenever you share it online, but it will also help your organization be found more easily.

Presentation Files Rarely Provide the Complete

Context that a live presentation does. But you can also show your audience that you are an expert in executive data your field and know how to present information on slides. Some individuals and companies tend to share presentation slides. Also, don’t forget that the audience attending your presentation is highly ucat, and hearing about your approach and problem-solving method may convince them to choose you over your competitors. If you decline to share your information, you will miss out on any promotional offers you may be eligible for. Optimize your slides Creating a successful presentation using a slideshow maker is as important as you might think. In both cases, you should try to convey the right message to convert your target audience. For example, if your title doesn’t grab viewers’ attention, they may not even open your presentation.

Use real text not text in graphics

9 Ways to Here are some recommendations you can use to ensure your B2C Phone List presentation is optimiz for search engines: Titles should always be short so they are easy to read and view. With a slideshow maker, you can focus on one topic per slide to put an image in the user’s mind and help them visualize what you want to say. The types of words you use in your slides and titles describe what’s happening in your presentation. Avoid using the exact keywords every time, which makes you appear less valuable to search engines.

Proposal Templates Can Be Us for a Variety

Also, make sure you use Proposal Templates keywords that reflect what’s happening at the event and are relevant to your slide content. This will increase your visibility in search engines and ensure that people see what they want whenever they look for your event. Use a proposal template Of purposes in your presentations, including providing problem and solution slides, case studies, budget overviews, companies and services, and more. The beauty of a business proposal is that it can be us in a variety of formats, but a presentation is one of the easiest for your audience to follow. Instead of creating a presentation from scratch, using a business proposal template can save you a lot of time. You can focus on information architecture without having to worry about design.

Point Out How Your Solution Differs From Competitors

Clearly communicate the steps of the project by creating a clear executive email list implementation plan so your customers know what to expect. When designing a slide presentation in a presentation program such as Microsoft PowerPoint, the best choice is to include text on the slides rather than graphics. However, organizations also hire designers to create slideshow presentations and have designers create graphic images such as GIF, PNG, and JPG formats. Including text in images can lower your keyword rankings within your presentation, so it’s best to use simple designs with text rather than including text on every graphic. Likewise, if most of your content is in video format and includ on every slide, it becomes more difficult for search engines to extract and use it.

Add the Most Important Information to the Header

The header of your presentation should include your organization’s name Proposal Templates and logo. This is primarily ne for slides that will be post online, but it’s a great way to ensure that people B2C Phone List viewing your presentation know who’s in charge. The footer also contains very important information, such as author and company contact information.

How to create a Facebook account and Company Page for

I could give you many reasons why it is important to create a Facebook page (fan page) for a company or business, but I will summarize it in what I consider most important: 1.- Facebook is the second channel with the most web traffic in Spain, just behind Google and above YouTube. 2.- More and more users consult a business’s social networks before making a purchase; in many cases, Facebook is the most searched social network. 3.- Creating a Facebook page will help you bring thousands of visits per month to your company’s website. 4.- You will be able to create a community of thousands of fans. 5.- You need to have a company page on Facebook to be able to advertise. There are those who think that it is not worth creating a Facebook page for a business.


Creation of a community of fans

From my professional experience they are wrong. I have even known many cases of companies that achieved more sales through Facebook than through their own website, and this happens because the majority of users feel more comfortable browsing a social network than through the website of a company. company. on the latest company data trends  and strategies that are working best in online marketing, advertising and social networks, with these 4 complete classes from the latest edition of the master’s degree. I want to see the 4 free classes of the master’s degree How to create a Facebook page for a business in 2018 The first thing you need to know is that making a fan page is very simple and is within the reach.

Design a publication calendar and

facebook page types This step usually causes some confusion but it is really very simple, you have to choose the category that best fits and is closest to your business, it is that easy. Of course, keep in mind that depending on the type of page you select, different categories will appear to choose from. 3.- Choosing the name of your Facebook page When selecting the type of Fan Page we must choose both the category and the name. Don’t be in B2C phone List a hurry to choose a quick name for your fan.

Platforms to create a free blog or a free website


Nowadays there are many platforms to Platforms to create create a free blog or make a free website in a few minutes, but we always get the eternal question, which one should I choose? Having a Blog is almost an essential requirement of our 2.0 curriculum, and it can open the doors to new or better professional proposals. Although it may seem incredible, we only need 12 months to go from being a totally unknown person to being a popular and relevant person in our sector. But I’m not going to lie to you, you have to work many hours to implement the following actions. 

Advantages of creating a free blog Platforms to create 

How to create a free blog or make a free website Creating a free blog is easier than you can imagine and in a matter of a few minutes you can have it operational. Virtually all platforms for creating a free blog work in the same way. For example, in the case of WordPress.com you only have to follow 4 steps: Answer a series of questions about executive data your new blog. Choose the name it will have. Select a type of plan. Enter your email, username and password. Verify your account. And that’s it, we would have only needed 5 steps to create.

Personal brand blog

I would also like you to leave me a comment at the end of the article if you are hesitating between opening a free blog or a paid one. Types of free blogs you can create First of all I would like to explain to you the different types of blogs that exist so that you take them into account. This step is essential and is something that few people take into B2C phone List account when starting their blogging journey. You must know for what purpose you want to create your blog. Depending on your objective, the content strategy for a blog varies in all its phases. So, first of all, think about what purpose you want to do it for. personal brand blog.

How to create a simple Work Plan step by step


I don’t know if the term work How to create plan is familiar to you, but if you have any type of business, are in sales or are part of the academic field, you will know that organization is key. This is where this term comes into play, because a work plan is the scheme that will allow us to establish the tasks and define who should do them and when . No matter the size of your company and what you invoice, you must have a work.

Types and formats of a work plan How to create

Hide1 What is a work plan and what is it for? 2 Objectives, characteristics and structure of a work plan 3 Types and formats of a work plan 4 How to make a work plan step by step 5 Example of a work plan 6 Tips when developing a work plan 7 Have you ever had to make a work plan? What is a work plan and what is it for? Before I start telling you executive email list how to make a work plan, I have seen fit to first explain this concept. And if I had to give a definition of a work plan it would be the following.

Work plan of a company

when and who has to carry them out . Objectives, characteristics and structure of a work plan The main objective of a work plan is to divide a complex or large-scale process in order to divide it into small tasks by assigning a time frame. The idea is simple. If we divide all the tasks that we have to carry out and assign them a period of time, we B2C phone List can establish in a more organized way how long it will take to achieve our goal. To be more specific, the main characteristics of a work plan could be said to be: How to make a Work Plan WHAT tasks should be distributed: expected to be achieved (objectives). HOW will we know if we have met the objectives.

How to make money with your Personal Brand

How to monetize a Personal Brand , do you have any idea how to do it? Have you considered using your brand as a source of income? It is possible and real. In this post I will explain how to make money with a personal brand with a real and practical strategy once and for all. Today I come with one of those articles that I love to write, because I think it is useful and that it opens our eyes to see things that are there but that we often think do not work for us, or are unattainable. A lot is written about how to create a personal brand strategy , or about the importance of personal.

Branding for our professional

Success, or how to manage a brand. But, I have realized that there are very few articles that talk about how to monetize a personal brand. No. We all know that company data the main objective of working on a personal brand strategy is to show what we are worth as professionals. Make others perceive us as someone good at what we do. Apart from other benefits such as: But what happens when you already have a powerful personal brand positioned in your sector? You have to limit yourself to just getting a better job, a better position or more clients. Or can you apart from this, aspire to monetize your personal brand in another way? I am one of those who think that a personal brand can be monetized in many ways.

How to make everyone

Gets the most out of their brand. How can you turn all the effort. And years you have spent working on your personal strategy into greater income? Keep reading and B2C Phone List you will see that it is possible. You just have to have a strategy to get it and know that you really want it.Surely these are questions you are asking yourself right now, aren’t they? Attention: Not everyone wants to monetize their personal brand. If you are one of those who does not want to make money with your brand strategy, this post is not for you and can only confuse you. For example , if you are a Director of a company, an executive or a doctor, among others, this is not the objective you are working towards with your personal branding.

Everyone Says the Same Thing the Poor Offer

URL shortener ? Shorten URLs ? Shorten URL ? This sounds familiar to you but you have no idea what they are for? Or What are the most effective tools to shorten URLs ? In this post updated in 2018, I explain everything to you and what exactly URL shorteners are for or what is the URL shortener or tools to shorten links that pay the most on the market. In this article, I am going to answer Everyone Says these questions and how you can take advantage of some online tools to shorten links, reduce links for Twitter and other social networks or the advantages of using a custom URL shortener.

I bet you have heard

Many times about platforms to shorten URLs or tools to shorten links, and that you know what they are, or how important it is to use them when we work with social executive data networks, email marketing, blogs or websites . But are you clear about what they are really for? What are its advantages? Which are the most reliable free URL shorteners on the market? Sometimes we have knowledge of certain tools, but we don’t always know how to use them correctly or what they can be useful for. Therefore, in this article I am going to explain how to shorten urls with the best tools and the reasons why you should use platforms like Google Shortener, Bit.ly, t.co or tiny url to get a short URL or shorten links.

Everyone Says that allows

You to transform long links or web addresses into much shorter. Ones, greatly reducing the number of characters in said links. They are tools that randomly generate B2C Phone List short URLs from those entered into the system. Many of them allow you to customize these URLs. Link shorteners have become fashionable since the rise of Twitter. Since on this social network it is only allowed to use up to 140 characters per tweet. To greatly reduce the number of characters in links and allow more words to be written in tweets, free URL shorteners have emerged.

Most Reliable Link Shorteners on the Market

Personal branding is a scam. The Personal Brand Scam . The suicide of personal branding. It really is that? Don’t be fooled How to survive the era of the Personal Brand. Most Reliable The Personal Brand bubble that sooner or later will burst, etc… This is a scam, misleading and harmful information and even more so when it is written by journalists who should inform and not misinform their readers. But what they are looking for are articles with eye-catching headlines that generate visits, regardless of whether the information is true or not.

It is a tool that allows

To talk about today, based on my experience and that of others in personal branding. Today’s post is one of those that you wouldn’t want to have to write, but I executive email list think people are selfish and only think about themselves, and when that’s the case, I can’t go without talking about this. The other day someone wrote a post titled “The personal brand scam: “A long-term suicide.” I don’t put the link because I don’t feel like sending visits to that type of post. If you want to find it, in this collaborative article you can see a counter response to the aforementioned post and there you have the link. Before we start I want to clarify this .

Most Reliable our professional

Talk about this topic, because “I make a living from this” or “because when someone questions the concept of Personal Brand , they question my way of earning a  living and that B2C Phone List makes a mess”, as someone has told me… Thank God, I can say that I don’t make a living from this. If I made a living selling personal branding courses I would probably be bankrupt. And as you can see, I don’t sell anything on my website, I don’t even have a course… but that doesn’t mean that one day I won’t do it. Or that if they hire me to give a talk or class on this topic, I won’t do it. For me it is an extra, like many others in my business model. Of course, when I do, it will be based on my experience .