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Email newsletters are one of the most effective ways to stay top of mind with your customers. When done right, that is. The problem, though, is that so many businesses don’t know what they should actually put in their newsletter.

More often than not, businesses don’t know why they should be sending newsletters. They’ll say they need to because everyone else is doing it, or because they want to “stay top of mind”, but have no strategy outside of that. One of Your Executives Then, the responsibility is “given” to someone who probably doesn’t want it, leading to boring, lifeless email blasts that don’t bring value to your subscribers or your business.

Use a powerful subject line

That may be the case for 90% of businesses, but it doesn’t have to be the case for yours. With the right plan and a set of goals in mind, you Vietnam WhatsApp Number Data can make your newsletter a hard-working marketing channel for your business — and we’ll show you how.

Read on to discover the top email newsletter best practices that will turn your newsletter into something people actually want to read.

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email newsletter best practices

Your is arguably the most important piece of email content. One of Your Executives Without a solid subject line, your email open rate is going to suffer.

Think about subject lines that draw you in — what’s compelling  B2C Phone List about them? Do they use concise language? Empathetic language? Bold language.

In our experience, the best email subject lines are short (think 30-50 characters), engaging, and give just enough of a preview of what’s in the email to make you want to know more. Knowing that, it’s a good idea to optimize your emails for mobile devices. That means making sure your newsletter template looks good on desktop as well as mobile. This may sound complicated, but it’s not. At Campaign Monitor, we have a library of over  ready for you to use.

Craft a Campaign That Addresses Consumer Needs

If your emails read as too sales-y or dishonest, they’re more than likely going to go straight into the trash. A surprising number of marketers still send out clickbait or other meaningless content. Getting high open rates or link clicks doesn’t matter if your reader closes the page two seconds later; in fact, it’s more likely to sour them on your brand in the long run.

Providing quality content means understanding your readers and what they want, then following through with answers they can’t find elsewhere. Craft a Campaign That Use the customer pain points and questions identified in your survey as prompts for future email topics.

Use the data to improve your

Email churn is inevitable, which means re-engagement campaigns need to be part of your repertoire. However, there’s no reason to wait until USA WhatsApp Number Data someone is leaving to make changes. Use the data you gather from churning readers to refine existing email marketing campaigns so you can hook new customers and increase retention. You may even want to go a step further and to see what they want more (and less) of.

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Consumers will likely continue to struggle with email management. By 2024, the world will send (and receive) over 360 billion emails a day. That means email opens will be harder to win. If you haven’t yet mastered re-engagement emails, it’s time to get started.

email marketing strategy

This blog provides general information and discussion about email marketing and related subjects. The content provided in this blog (“Content”), should not be construed as and is not intended to constitute financial, legal or tax advice. You should seek  B2C Phone List the advice of professionals prior to acting upon any information contained in the Content. Craft a Campaign That All Content is provided strictly “as is” and we make no warranty or representation of any kind regarding the Content.

Team Spotlight with Pictures and Bios

If you’ve gotten responses to your survey, congratulations: Your customers have told you how to win them back. The next step is to craft reactivation emails that provide what they are asking for. Team Spotlight with Though your strategy will vary depending on what you learned, each message in a reactivation campaign should be focused on re-earning a customer’s trust. Here are some tips on how to address common causes of email list churn.

Refocus on your target audience to increase relevancy

Personalizing emails by sticking someone’s name in the subject line won’t help if they’re not interested in what you have to offer. The content you UK WhatsApp Number Data are sending out must address the needs of the consumers you want to reach. Using one email newsletter to speak to multiple demographics with different needs just leaves everyone disappointed.

Many email lists run into this problem as they grow. It’s hard to keep up with the high content demands that come with personalization efforts. Unless you have the capacity to create multiple articles to speak to each group, your email blasts for different audiences may look 90% the same. In this situation, it’s probably more effective to focus on one group, even if it means a smaller list.

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Part of refocusing on your target audience might mean letting some email subscribers go because they aren’t the right fit. This doesn’t feel good if you’re trying to decrease subscriber churn, but it provides important data about what doesn’t work.

Segment lists for less frequent readers

One of the top reasons for email list attrition is too many emails. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking the best way to compete with the deluge of other emails is by sending so many you always end up near the top of someone’s inbox. Team Spotlight with This approach can backfire, cementing you in a consumer’s mind as one of the big drivers of an email overwhelm problem.

You don’t need to drown others out to . You do need to give your audience a reason to keep coming back. Instead of sending out every bit  B2C Phone List of content immediately. Create a list for those who only want to hear from you one or two times a week. Still send your best content — just in fewer emails. Depending on what you learn. You may even find you can scale back email frequency for everyone without losing subscribers or engagement.

How to Craft Reactivation Emails That Win Back Subscribers

Whether you’re writing up questions to go on the Unsubscribe page or a survey to be shared via email, it’s important to keep your request simple and short. Unengaged readers typically aren’t in love with your brand, which means they may not have much time to give. Craft Reactivation Emails Each question you ask comes with the risk of a reader deciding they don’t have the time or energy to fill out your survey and closing the window before they complete it. Your job is to minimize customer frustration and make sure the survey is as easy to complete as possible.

Write an effective email list churn survey

Try to keep your survey to. Make sure each request gathers an important data point and asks for unique information. For example, asking “Why did you stop reading our emails?” and “How do you feel about the frequency of our emails?” might give the Turkey WhatsApp Number Data same answer. If you used the second question to instead ask, “How often do would you like to receive emails?” the answers would provide important data you couldn’t have gathered with the first question.

Identify key reasons for email list churn

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Once you’ve gathered the data, it’s time to examine it for trends. The process will vary depending on the type of answer you asked for. Checkboxes and radio buttons give clear-cut data because readers are choosing from pre-existing answers. It’s simply a matter of finding the most common response(s). If you gave respondents room to write out their thoughts, you will likely gather more nuanced answers but also have to reconcile the different ways people express the same sentiment. Many surveys have more than one question type, which means using different methods to make sense of the data from different questions.

Once you’ve collated all the answers, you may find a simple, easy explanation for email list churn — or you may find more than one reason for readers leaving. In the latter situation, ask yourself whether you can address multiple issues in  B2C Phone List the same re-engagement email campaign. Craft Reactivation Emails If not, consider segmenting your lists and creating a different series of emails for each concern you identified. Failing to respond to consumer feedback is a fatal error with a reader who is only lukewarm on your brand.

Create an Email Worth Opening to Improve Email Deliverability

What’s the largest unread count you’ve seen in someone’s inbox? Whether you’re a proponent of inbox zero or an “I’ll get to it when I get to it” email accumulator, know high unread counts aren’t uncommon. A recent consumer survey found 20% of respondents had in their inboxes.

Given the vast amount of emails sent out daily, it’s hardly a surprise so many go unread. Consumers, overwhelmed by their inboxes, rarely have time to read everything. If your brand doesn’t make the cut, they may unsubscribe from your list. Email Worth Opening However, they might also get in the habit of deleting your emails before reading them or leaving them to get buried in an ever-growing stack of unread messages. These inactive customers aren’t just a lost opportunity. They can also affect email deliverability.

they stopped reading

Email list churn is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be the end of a consumer relationship. Knowing why someone stopped reading in the first place Thailand WhatsApp Number Data can help you figure out how to win them back. Your email reactivation campaign should start with a survey to learn why readers are churning. Armed with this data, you’ll be able to create reactivation emails that address customer worries or annoyances and give them a reason to return.

Ask subscribers why

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All the data analysis in the world won’t give you the kind of insight you can get from a simple survey. If someone has stopped reading your emails, the easiest way to find out why is by asking them.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. Getting a churned reader to respond to an is difficult. Ironically, you may have the easiest time with those who take the time to click unsubscribe: Your confirmation page can ask why they no longer want to read your emails. For those inactive subscribers who skim past your emails after seeing the sender, the subject line is your only chance to get their attention.

This is not the time for subtlety or cleverness. Email Worth Opening If a consumer has churned, it means your marketing tactics aren’t capturing them  B2C Phone List at the moment. Your survey email (and its subject line) should feel not only personalized but also personal. Without deviating from your brand’s style guide, you may want to

Unengaged Subscribers and Invalid Emails

Throttling is the practice of sending emails in smaller batches over time to avoid hitting rate limits, getting soft bounces, or getting marked as spam. For large lists (typically above 250 recipients), senders should. Once lists are segmented. Unengaged Subscribers and  Plan ahead to make sure the campaign is sent to each segment by the date needed.

Deliver consistently

The key to any relationship is trust, and when you start showing up consistently for your subscribers, they begin to not only expect your emails, but they begin to trust your role in their life.

If you wait too long between Taiwan WhatsApp Number Data sending emails, recipients forget why they were interested in subscribing in the first place. When they forget why they subscribed, they typically either unsubscribe or delete your email without opening it. On the flip side, if you send emails too frequently, they’re more likely to be marked as spam or just flat-out annoy your subscribers. And, you guessed it, they’ll likely unsubscribe or delete the email without opening it.

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So what is the perfect

It varies by the audience and type of campaign, but  has found that every two weeks is the ideal frequency for most organizations. This frequency is based on open rates, click-through rate (CTR), and unsubscribe rates.

With the supporting elements in place, now you can focus on creating something subscribers want to open. “That’s easier said than done,” you might be thinking. Well, that’s just the thing — email marketing doesn’t need to be an overcomplicated exercise. With a monkey taunting you the whole way.

With Campaign Monitor’s simple drag-and-drop builder, fully customizable templates, and collaboration tools. Unengaged Subscribers  B2C Phone List and  Designing engaging emails that convert just got a whole lot easier.  Building something unforgettable today. Rest assured, there’s no monkey involved here, just professionals getting stuff done.

Routinely Review Your List for

When recipients move to unsubscribe, giving them the option to adjust preferences instead is a good way to retain them. Routinely Review Your Some users may not actually want to unsubscribe but just aren’t interest in the specific email campaign or don’t want emails as frequently.

Don’t buy email lists

Buying email lists contributes to high bounce rates and low engagement and ultimately compromises the integrity of the portion of the subscriber list that did opt-in.

The first issue you’ll run into with buying an email list is most reputable  (ESPs) won’t allow you to send emails to email addresses that have Sweden WhatsApp Number Data not opted in. They do this to preserve their own sender reputation and business.

And, if you do find an ESP that’ll allow you to send to this list, the quality won’t be there. Many of the addresses on bought lists are invalid, inactive, or recycled. You’ll also likely run into using bought email lists. Spam traps are created by blacklist providers. Who deliberately place fake addresses on bought email lists to identify domains sending spam.

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On the off chance your email does find its way into a real, active inbox, remember you’re intruding on someone’s personal space, uninvited. Your email will likely be marked as spam by them or their email provider.

Throttle“ your delivery

Many ESPs will enforce a daily rate. Limit the number of emails you’re allow to send. In a day to prevent spam from being sent from their platform. ESPs aren’t the only ones with a rate limit, either. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will also limit the  B2C Phone List number of emails they’ll accept from the same IP address. Within a set timeframe to prevent spam.

When an email sender reaches their rate limit, the email will be temporarily undeliverable — or what email marketers call a. Routinely Review Your The server will likely resend a soft-bounced email within 72 hours to see if it’ll go through. But who wants to take their chances with that? This is where “throttling” comes in.

Insert Your Gif Using One of These Methods

It doesn’t matter if you have a massive email list if most of those emails are bouncing or not opened. When bounce rates increase and engagement metrics go down, it signals the receiving server’s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) you’re not actively maintaining your list or sending engaging content. Insert Your Gif Using And your emails will likely get sent to the spam folder when the server receives these signals. Maintaining an email list and promoting long-term growth requires proactively pruning and managing your list.

Maintain email list hygiene

According to , which means your engagement rates are tanking partially due to emails that never even see the recipients. We get it; no one Spain WhatsApp Number Data wants to cut their list down. However, by removing addresses that i.e., are permanently undeliverable and subscribers who are unengag, you’ll increase your open rate and long-term email deliverability rate. If an email has a hard bounce or a subscriber doesn’t open emails for 12-18 months (depending on cadence), it’s time to cut them loose.

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Not sure where to start cleaning up your list? Check out, an email deliverability tool that will analyze your email list for you.

Implement a double opt-in

A  is when a subscriber is sent an email to confirm their subscription before being add to the email list. This prevents hard bounces because the user has to verify their email. It also requires an extra step of commitment from the subscriber to confirm their email so you’ll end up with fewer unengaged users.

Yes, you read that right. prevents them from getting sick of hearing from your brand.  Cultivates authenticity with your readership. And improves  B2C Phone List overall engagement on your list.You can make it easy to unsubscribe from your emails by including a prominent unsubscribe link in every email and creating a 1-click unsubscribe process. Insert Your Gif Using A 1-click unsubscribe process includes pre-populating the email field, making feedback optional, and creating simple ways of adjusting preferences, such as checkboxes.

Steps To Improve Email Deliverability

Your IP address is a set of numbers that identifies all emails that come from your domain. Email providers recognize “safe” and “unsafe” emails based on the historical context of your IP address and domain reputation. Not only Why is this important? Steps To Improve According toamong email marketers who actively monitor their sender reputation.

If servers have historically seen “bad” mail come from your IP address, they may  your domain and send it straight to spam. If they’ve seen only “good” mail come from your IP address, it most likely will arrive safely in the recipient’s primary inbox. Not only If they’ve never seen your IP address, their default is to distrust it and likely send it to spam as well.

Check the reputation of your IP address

To prevent your emails from ending up in the spam folder, first, . If you are, visit the blacklist company’s page to find the requirements to get remov South Africa WhatsApp Number Data from their list. Better yet, proactively use in the first place.

If you have a new IP address with little to no sending reputation. Build it up by slowly increasing the number of emails sent from it. Start by sending emails to your most engaged subscribers who will drive up the open rate, signaling the email provider it’s “good” mail. Sending a large number of emails — like to your entire email list — from a “cold” IP address will likely get flagg as spam. It also might get you blacklist before you get start.

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Put authentication protocols in place

Another way to make sure your domain isn’t compromis is to require. That anyone sending an email on behalf of your domain show “credentials” to the email provider. A Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformanceis a that i.e., phishing emails and email spoofing). The DMARC protects the domain by giving specific instructions to the email provider about allowable use of the sending domain.

And Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) — in the. Not only DMARC to verify legitimacy and decide if it belongs in the primary inbox, quarantine, or spam folder.

An SPF tells the email provider which IP addresses and hostnames are allowed to send emails from a domain.DKIM is an encrypted digital signature. That tells the receiving inbox provider what an from this domain should include. Steps To Improve  B2C Phone List For example. All emails from XYZ domain should include a header with this text, that logo, and these body paragraphs. If an email doesn’t include these elements. The authentication “key” won’t match. The inbox provider will then refer to the. DMARC protocol to decide if it goes into the spam folder or is blocked altogether.

Make Sure You’re Using a Gif for the Right Purposes

When introducing the Brutalista typeface, MyFonts went above and beyond to educate the consumer about it and demonstrate how it could be used. You’re Using a Having one product photo is good for sales — but having multiple product photos covering multiple contexts is great.

GIFs aren’t right for every marketing campaign, but when used strategically, they can increase an email’s effectiveness. Many audiences struggle to keep up with their inboxes, which means they only give each email a few seconds to impress them. If your GIF can present the most important information in a concise and visually appealing way, you may earn a few more minutes of your readers’ time.

Many marketers think

improving email deliverability starts and ends with great content. And, while great content is essential to growing your newsletter, it won’t matter how great the writing is if your subscribers never see it.

Deliverability is the universal struggle Singapore WhatsApp Number Data among marketing teams; you can get so many things right when developing your marketing content and still struggle to get it in front of your audience. In fact, according to.

The good news is, unlike some channels that are constantly changing requirements. Comes down to a few consistent elements. We’ll save the discussion on Facebook ad delivery nightmares for someone else and just get to what we know best: email marketing.

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Protect your sender reputation

In the world of email, your reputation truly does precede you. Email inbox providers will automatically mark your email as spam if you don’t have a strong  B2C Phone List sender reputation. You’re Using a According todepending on the industry are marked as spam. Protecting your sender reputation is foundational to . But how. Exactly, do you do this.


Using Animated GIFs in Your Emails

GIFs are best used for replacing video rather than for frivolous laughs. They change the tone of an email and risk irritating audiences because they take longer to load. When used correctly, they can enlighten and inspire your audience. When used excessively, they can annoy your readers or obscure important information.

Demonstrating product or feature functionality is a great use of GIFs. Why take 500 words explaining how something works when you can just show it in action? GIFs that educate your audience will make the right kind of impression and drive interest.

Learn from these

GIFs are also great for teasing multimedia content. Using Animated GIFs is a bad idea because, unlike GIFs, they’re not Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number Data universally supported. They also come with much larger file sizes — and load times. Rather than sending a clip, turn your video into a GIF and cut to the most tantalizing bits to build suspense.

Images can sometimes explain things much better — or more quickly — than words. Use GIFs to set the mood for your message or share multiple bits of information in a quick, easy-to-understand format. If a visual can convey a complex idea in a few seconds, why would you bother to write out a full description.

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great GIF examples

How do you personalize content when the end product isn’t for your audience? This GIF shares multiple buzzy brands and products right at the top of the email, so gifters know they have options when they shop using Zip.Instead of trying to guess whether  B2C Phone List their shoppers are looking for men’s clothes or women’s clothes. Using Animated GIFs Uniqlo made a GIF that has something for both audiences. We love how the GIF includes multiple sections: the product image, a description, and size and price information.

In the back quarter of a lengthy roundup email, 360Learning chose to respect their readers’ time with this GIF that’s essentially an animated slide deck. It provides a bullet-point overview of the product to help readers decide whether to dig into the details beneath the GIF or keep scrolling to the next item.

This before and after from Madison Reed is a great product demonstration. Unlike photos — which we expect to be digitally enhanced — GIFs seem more raw and real. This is also a great example of how to get the most out of.


How to Up Your Marketing Game

When you see a GIF you like, simply click and hold on the image and then drag it over to your email client. Your Marketing Game  You’ll need to have the window with your email message visible at the same time as the page with your GIF for this to work.) This method doesn’t work in every email client, just those that support drag-and-drop uploading.

Best for Everything else

Sites like GIPHY and Tenor make it easy to copy a GIF link from the share options; sites like Google Image Search don’t. You can always find the URL of a GIF by right-clicking the image and selecting “Copy Image Link.”

Once you have the URL in your clipboard, go back to your email client and find the Insert Photo button. If you’re using an email template, find an Russia WhatsApp Number Data image block (or GIF block, if your client offers one). Click it, select the “paste URL” option (if necessary), and then paste away.

Check to make sure the link you copied ends with the .gif extension, as some sites share the page URL rather than the image URL. If the link you have doesn’t end in .gif, try adding it yourself and see if the image pops up.

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Download and then re-upload

This method is the most involved and doesn’t come with any special benefits (unless you habitually download GIFs and have one ready to go). However, if your email client is refusing to copy an image that’s hosted on another site, you may have to upload a fresh version.

To download a GIF, right-click the image and select “Save Image As.” Your Marketing Game  Make sure the file keeps the .gif extension or you’ll lose  B2C Phone List the animation! It’s smart to double-check a GIF after downloading to make sure your device saved the correct image format.

In your email client, compose a new email, click the Add Image button, and select the option to upload a new file. Navigate to the GIF you saved, select it, then hit “Done.”