All too often, the answer is no. This may be explicit, depending on your email copy, or just another ignor email. And that’s okay; it’s always worth a shot. For campaigns like these, you’ll want to be as transparent and honest as possible. This simple email from Duolingo is a great example of this kind of campaign. It’s short and to the point, inviting the subscriber to jump back into their language course. Re-engagement email example: I miss your emails sometimes. As with the example above, reactivating subscribers is about more than just email clicks.

Thankfully There Is a Better Way

This campaign re-engages users, encouraging them to log in again and use the application. 5 quick tips to increase email engagement: Behind-the-scenes work with list hygiene and deliverability is only the beginning when it comes to increasing your engagement. The best way to increase business database your email engagement is to send great emails that your subscribers love. Here are a few ways to do that: 1. Start with your subject line and preheader text. These are the first steps toward engaging with your email. You can’t get a click without an open, after all.

How Does Email on Acid

Your subject line is what can make or break that attempt. In fact, 47% of email users report that the email subject line determines whether or not they choose to open your email. You want your subject lines to be succinct: most mailbox B2C Phone List providers cut off your subject line around 50 characters (Gmail goes up to 70). While that doesn’t mean you have to make your subject line fit within those parameters, it should at least get the point across. Honest: never, ever fake out your subscribers to get an open. It’s a lazy move (and one that will likely end in unsubscribing or a spam complaint).

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