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Digital purchases because people didn’t want to go into stores. I could now see what’s in the basket when people are buying our products — is it Quilted Northern or Angel Soft? When shoppers are in the store they want products that can fit in their shopping cart. But with e-commerce it’s a question of if the product fits in a delivery truck. Because all of a sudden you’re not confined to what fits in the cart it’s defined by this larger pack. So we started analyzing the data to find out what people are purchasing in-store versus online. We saw larger packs being purchased because they had to hit a higher threshold for free pickup and delivery. .

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Saw different assortments ordered online we started talking to retailers about how they could have different assortments to appeal to b2b email list this shopper. Q: How important are subscriptions in the paper category? A: “Subscribe and save” is actually a very large component of our business. And part of it is that some of our products like toilet paper have 99household penetration. People just want to buy and forget about it. They hit “subscribe and save” and they just want that product to arrive at their doorstep at a certain frequency. So we

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Big driver for our business and what we do is build our retail media investments around how we increase the number of subscriptions. The lifetime value of that shopper is much higher than acquiring a shopper for one purchase. We actually want to B2C phone List move to more “subscribe and saves” so we’ve been talking to a lot of retailers about how we can build out the subscription programs that will help both us and the retailer. With more delivery and pickup customer loyalty is waning. And with the current economic situation consumers are deal-seeking. What’s on promotion what do I have a coupon for? What we’re trying to

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