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Just present the Certificate of There are also institutions Completion of the Course or the performance report at the secretary of the course and wait for the analysis of the university. With the entrance exam scheduled, the student is the one who decides the best date and time to take the test. In this way, the institution mainly benefits those who have a tight schedule and need to reconcile academic and professional life. How does the online vestibular work? Find out now! Do distance-learning students have the same training as on-campus students? Yes. Every distance learning college must be developed with the same quality as its face-to-face equivalent, in order to meet the requirements of MEC and professional councils.

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This means that it must have a minimum workload, address specific basic content and promote extension activities, according to the National Curriculum Guidelines for each undergraduate course. Universities and university centers do not differentiate the quality of the applied content, since the teaching Malaysia Phone Number Data staff is the same for both environments. The diplomas are produced in the same pattern for all the courses of the institution. a degree is to actively participate in the activities proposed in the classroom, in addition to maintaining a good relationship with professors and colleagues. This is all possible through the digital platform, with forums, chats and other communication channels. The most sought after courses by Brazilians in Higher Education Is distance learning college easier than face-to-face? No. Just like an on-site graduation, the EAD college requires students to deliver papers.

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Do those who attend EAD college have vacations? Yes, in the same way as in face-to-face courses. Every higher education institution has an academic calendar that provides for class periods, holidays and vacations. Is there a difference in the diploma of those who attend EAD college? No. The diploma from an EAD college has the same validity as one obtained from an on-site graduation, according to MEC rules. There is B2C Phone List nothing in the document that specifies the modality in which the course was. Can someone who goes to EAD college get a job? Yes, because most companies do not even know the type of graduation attended by employees, as it is not mandatory information in the curriculum. The most important thing when entering the job market is to dedicate yourself to your studies, get an internship and create good relationships. with your classmates and workmates.

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