Can someone who goes to EAD college get a job?

Those who attend distance learning college can get a job up to one year after graduation, especially those who attend a degree in technology. The average remuneration is equivalent to that of graduates from face-to-face courses when excluding Medicine and Engineering courses: R$ 3,800.00. These findings are from a survey carried out in 2022 by the Brazilian Association of Higher Education Maintainers (ABMES) and by Symplicity, a company for employability and student engagement. Understand below why those who attend college at distance learning get jobs in the same way as professionals who graduated from face-to-face courses: The teaching quality of distance learning colleges There is no difference between the EAD diploma and the face-to-face one The prestige of the educational institution weighs more in the curriculum than the modality.

There is no difference between

Experience is more value in the job market Distance learning is already consolidate in Brazil Find out how many undergraduate courses there are in Brazil! The teaching quality of distance learning colleges The idea that on-site graduation is better than the distance learning modality in terms Australia Phone Number Data of teaching quality is a myth that has been gradually deconstruct. In 2017, the Ministry of Education (MEC) issued Normative Ordinance No. 11 , updating the regulations and enhancing the quality of distance learning colleges even more. Also, distance undergraduate courses go through the same rigorous evaluation process as face-to-face courses. In both modalities, the MEC periodically evaluates the following points to authorize the operation and recognize graduation: Course pedagogical project, which gathers information on the number of places, shifts, workload, curriculum, teaching methodologies and technological resources.

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EAD diploma and the face-to-face

List of professors and tutors; Infrastructure made available by the higher education institution, which includes distance learning centers. The advantages of an EAD degree There is no doubt that one of the main attractions of a distance college is the flexibility of schedules. For those who B2C Phone List are already in the job market, time is a fundamental issue when deciding on a degree, even choosing a blended college , also called a hybrid degree, is feasible. The more affordable monthly fees are also an advantage of the modality. In times of crisis, the opportunity to study at quality institutions and pay less for it should not be disregard by those who seek a diploma as a way to grow professionally. Read also: Discover all the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning There is no difference between.

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