Find out which EAD colleges are recognized by MEC

To find out if a distance learning college is recognize by the Ministry of Education (MEC), you need to consult an online government platform, e-MEC. The MEC assesses and certifies the quality of teaching at institutions throughout Brazil, which can only issue a diploma that is valid by law throughout the national territory if they have the portfolio’s recognition. Read on for a complete walkthrough! You will also see: Step by step to find out if an EAD college is recognized by MEC How to consult the MEC grade of EAD colleges Why do a distance learning college recognize by the MEC Difference between MEC accreditation, authorization and recognition What MEC says about EAD The main distance learning degrees recognize by the MEC Where to do a distance learning college recognized by the MEC Find out how many undergraduate courses there are in Brazil.

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Step by step to find out if an EAD college is recognize by MEC Access the e-MEC website and select the “Advanced Query” tab: how-to-know-if-an-ead-faculty-recognize-by-mec-step1 In the first option, “Search for’, select “Graduate Course”: how-to-know-if-an-ead-faculty-recognize-by-mec-step1 Then, fill in the fields “Name, Acronym or Code of the Institution” and “Course”, informing the institution and the course Brazil Phone Number Data you want to search for: how-to-know-if-an-ead-faculty-recognize-by-mec-passo3 At the end of the form, just fill in the “Verification code” and click on “Search”: how-to-know-if-an-ead-faculty-recognize-by-mec-passo4 The result of your search will be load, and information about the chosen course will appear just below the form: how-to-know-if-an-ead-faculty-recognize-by-mec-passo5 The green sign on the right indicates that the course is in activity at the higher education institution: how-to-know-if-an-ead-faculty-recognize-by-mec-passo6 How to consult the MEC grade of EAD colleges.

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The process to consult the grade of a distance course in the MEC is the same as that presented above, in the e-MEC portal . When you find the desire formation, observe the information present in the “Indices” column: how-to-know-if-an-ead-faculty-recognize-by-mec-passo7 Note that the distance course indicators are show with the “-” sign instead of the note. This just means that, as it is a recent course, the grades B2C Phone List have not yet been release. What does each of the MEC grade indexes mean? MEC regularly evaluates Higher Education institutions and the courses offered in all modalities (on-campus, blended and distance learning). In this way, it is possible to consult the grade assigned by the body before enrolling in the undergraduate course. Grades, both for courses and universities, always vary from 1 to 5. If the score is greater than 3, it is a sign of approval.

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