There is a lot of talk about networking , but not for nothing. For a small business owner, it is important for numerous reasons. First, it has an impact on customer acquisition; if your name is on the bus radio and good things are heard about you, customers are more likely to contact you directly.

Build networks both on social media and face to face!

Many events are organized nowadays, where the main purpose is specifically

networking; If possible, you should also participate in these, because you can talk to interesting people quite easily.

Note, however, that standing out from the contact stream can be difficult. People have come to the event specifically to network, so they will probably take dozens of contact information with them. Discussions at such events are often also superficial; your interlocutor may not be able to concentrate on your conversation for very long when he is already busy networking with the next person.

So rather invest in quality than quantity!

Participating in various events and networking events in your field is definitely worthwhile. However, keep in mind that simply shaking people’s hands and repeating your name often does not lead to anything significant. You get the best results in networking by being genuine.

If a conversation with certain people feels particularly nice and interesting, try to get to know them deeper than the surface. Suggest a joint lunch or coffee in addition to exchanging contact information!

Contacts created in genuine Benin Phone Number List conversations are more likely to lead to genuine referrals than, for example, conversations on social media. Of course, both also support each other.

When networking and exchanging contact information, think about how you and your conversation partner can best benefit from each other. This is not selfish thinking, but good business!

Don’t forget a digital marketing plan

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Today, marketing is very much done digitally, both online and on social media channels. With this, a digital marketing plan is also needed. How is one made?

The digital marketing plan takes B2C Phone List  into account all digital channels, such as websites, search engine marketing, social media channels and marketing automation. The digital marketing plan is based on the marketing plan, and it’s good to think about: in which channels the target groups can be found best and what kind of messages resonate best with them. ones that best suit your business and invest in them!

Not all channels should be used, choose the

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