If you need to access the VLE, ​​search for a video class or perform a specific search, accessing the internet is a necessity. The secret is to stay focused and direct our efforts to what is needed at the moment. 9. Invest in a good internet connection It is not possible to attend EAD college online classes without internet access. After all, videos are great learning resources, but they consume a lot of data. So, see if you can guarantee a good internet package and take advantage of carrier promotions. If it is not possible to have broadband internet at home or a robust data package on your smartphone, use the infrastructure of the campuses and distance learning centers of the institution where you study. There you will have computers connected to the internet available for student use. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning.

Is the goal realistic and within reach?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions It is very important that, during the study, you write down all your doubts and send them to the course tutor. You can also share them with colleagues in the AVA discussion forums. Studying at a distance does not imply the lack of contact with a mediator. Tutors are always Mexico Phone Number Data available to answer students’ questions. 11. Trace realistic goals It is very important to set goals. However, they need to be realistic. Don’t promise to read a whole book in just one day. Completing the task is even possible, but the most important thing is: how much did you learn from the content? The balance between quantity and quality must always be on the agenda. By setting realistic goals, you can better optimize your time and learn with quality. Returning to the example of the book: try to distribute the chapters by days.

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Why is completing this goal important?

When completing each one of them, try to reflect on the knowledge provided. Make summaries, deepen knowledge with complementary research. View learning as a daily build. You’ll see that, at points, the act of studying will be incorporated into your routine and things will get lighter. If you’re having trouble setting your goals, try trying the SMART method . The word SMART brings together five principles B2C Phone List Let’s see an example: S (specific): Define what you want to achieve in a clear and precise way. Ex.: Read chapter 1 of the book on Management Theory. M (measurable): What determines that you have achieved your goal? How can you measure your progress? Ex.: Complete Chapter 1 of the Management Theory book by Friday afternoon.

Minimizing does not however mean prohibition

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