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Your homepage is the most important of your sales channels, so it’s worth investing in it. When you start designing them, think first of all about what their purpose really is; is your goal to use them to produce aesthetic experiences for visitors, or do you want to present technical innovations through them?

The primary purpose of an entrepreneur’s, small business owner’s, freelancer’s or other self-employed’s website is to acquire customers.

The website must have an elegant and clear appearance, and navigation must be

made as easy as possible. Remember that your homepage is not meant to showcase your artistry or technical skills; a beautiful website is of no use if it doesn’t bring you new customers.

Simplicity is beautiful – and more functional!

The website should also make ordering and contacting you as easy as possible. It is good to clearly display a contact form or at least a link to it on each page.

In addition to clear Azerbaijan Phone Number List contact information, make good introductory texts about your products or services for the site; it would be profitable for each of them to create their own pages. the point of view of search engine optimization and Google AdWords advertising.

Also present your previous work on the site and take your portfolio to it if you have one! If possible, also highlight your customers’ experiences and comments.

Be seen and heard on social media!

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Some has revolutionized human interaction and marketing over the past decade; thanks to it, the interaction B2C Phone List  between brands and people has become mutual. The audience’s reaction on social media also significantly affects the popularity of a product or service.

Social media is an excellent environment for a small business owner or other operator selling their own expertise.

There are plenty of channels. Most often, companies and self-employed people use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat and Pinterest in their marketing. It is not worth forcing your way into all channels; rather choose a few that best suit your activity and invest in them!

Since social media was created for networking – and at the same time for customer acquisition – you should do it boldly. Send contact requests, share interesting content, participate in discussions and start them yourself! Also remember to answer the questions and possible criticism you receive openly and matter-of-factly.

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