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For two-year distance courses This is the stage, recognition is given immediately after completion of the first year. How to choose the right college? Check the checklist! How long is the EAD diploma valid for? Regardless of whether it is a diploma from an EAD course, face-to-face or blended, it has no validity. That is, its value does not expire over time. Therefore, there is no other answer to this question except that the distance learning diploma is valid for the entire life of the professional who graduates from the undergraduate course. Can I do a postgraduate degree with an EAD diploma? Yes! If you have an EAD diploma, you can continue your studies through a Lato Sensu or Stricto Sensu postgraduate course. Bearing in mind that the Stricto Sensu postgraduate course comprises the master’s and doctorate and the Lato Sensu, the MBA and specializations.

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However, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of postgraduate degree desired. For the Lato Sensu post-graduation, it is enough for the Teaching Institution to be duly accredited by the MEC. As for the Stricto Sensu postgraduate course, the scenario is different. In 2019, the Coordination for Korea Phone Number Data the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), a foundation linked to the MEC, regulated Stricto Sensu postgraduate distance learning, in Ordinance No. 90, of April 24, 2019 . However, there are still few private and public institutions that offer distance learning master’s and doctoral programs . Do you have to put EAD on your resume? No. as the face-to-face one, it is not necessary to mention in the curriculum that the classes were held at a distance.

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Ideally, organize the list of courses taken from the most recent to the oldest to show recruiters that the professional is always up-to-date. Who has an EAD diploma earns less than who did a face-to-face graduation? No. There is no difference in salary for professionals train in distance learning. The salary will depend on the chosen degree (regardless of the modality), the minimum wage for the category, the size of the B2C Phone List employing company and the professional’s experience. How does the job market see the distance learning diploma? The EAD diploma is equally accept by the job market. That is, there is no reason to distinguish between professionals who graduate at a distance and those who complete their on-site graduation. After all, both modalities are recognize by MEC, which is a guarantee that the student, after graduating, is capable of working in the chosen area.

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