It is often a good idea to start the conversation with a question that maps the customer’s situation, with which you can get a lot of useful information about the customer’s needs and possible reasons why the customer has not been able to buy so far. When you want to know on what basis a customer makes a purchase decision, don’t guess, just ask!  If the customer is not ready to make a decision right now, offer your contact information and call later and ask if the customer has had time to think. At the end of the sale, ask for feedback, i.e. why the customer didn’t buy or ended up with a competitor and learn for next time.

The one who asks does not get lost from his road!

And how do you act when you have to call a customer and you are struck by the trauma and dread of the phone, perhaps Sweden Phone Number List  from the summer jobs of your youth in telephone sales? Do you suddenly want to make one more cup of coffee or answer that e-mail you received a week ago.  You’ll still be alive tomorrow. It’s okay to fail. If you fail, think about whether there is something you could improve on next time. Little by little, the handset becomes easier. Our brain works in such a way that when we expose ourselves to unpleasant things, we gradually learn to tolerate the situation better and it doesn’t seem so relevant anymore.

Don’t underestimate the customer

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In the endgame, the important thing is that you yourself believe in the product you are selling.  So don’t sell services B2C Phone List   you don’t believe in. If you are an entrepreneur with employees, make sure that your employees also believe in your service. Selling services that you don’t even believe in is underestimating the customer.

Remember that usually one success requires many failures. 

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