I once went fishing in a salt water pool one day, where the weather was hot and sunny. Grouper fish, as we all know, is a basic fish that is lazy and likes to wait for its prey to pass in front of it. I’m desperately flashing soft plastics, jigs and sinking lures and deep dives as I target the grouper lounging on the bottom of the pool.

Of the pond is a killer for Dragon Grouper. But unfortunately, we didn’t get any strike at all. I noticed at that time that many sea bream were playing in the surface and mid-water column.

So I thought maybe the grouper was moody that day and I’d better change

The gear set and technique to target the bream only. So I changed the Whatsapp Mobile Number List bait to a suspending jerkbait, which is only about 1 foot long. What I then do is send the lure parallel to the bank and twitch slowly and pause for 3-5 seconds to let it hang throughout the process of reeling the lure back.

What was surprising, the grouper fish grabbed the lure. That day I managed to land up to 7 hybrid groupers that were ‘gadang’ with the same lure performance. Not including those who are deprived due to mamsol kangkang!

From what I can conclude, the grouper is in a frenzy and waiting for the bream to wander around, leaving the bottom column of the pool. pond grouper the use of ultra-light sets to counter the solid force of the grouper provides an unforgettable experience.

Sometimes we need to be sensitive to changes in fish behavior Coincidentally

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The lure I used is quite similar to the shape of the B2C Phone List sea bream, which is the Megabass Vision 110. And the show flashing left and right encourages the grouper to strike – away from the bottom zone of the pool!

Although I found this method by accident, this kind of fish behavior can tell us that sometimes we need to use a different method, corresponding to the behavior of the fish that day.