Why Should Lazada And Shopee Sellers Do Keyword Research

The following is a summary of why Lazada and Shopee sellers should conduct keyword research:

    1. Find out which keywords to include in your product listings
    2. Determine the estimated search volume for a particular keyword
    3. To rank your product better in Lazada or Shopee search results
    4. Increase product visibility and sales

Lazada and Shopee are two of the most famous eCommerce websites in the Southeast Asia region. This begs the question why online sellers need to involve keyword research in building their product listings as these platforms are already full of tons of buyers every day. 

This is what separates the line between regular keyword research and eCommerce keyword research. The main goal of most websites is to do keyword research to increase traffic. Meanwhile, the goal of doing eCommerce keyword research is not only to increase traffic but also, most importantly, drive higher sales. 

To do that, sellers must make their product listings visible and clickable. Therefore, the product list must be targeted.  

Knowing the keywords that will be included in the product list

As mentioned in part a, keyword research helps sellers know which terms to include in product listings. 

In order to convert viewers whatsapp mobile number list into customers, you need to mix specific keywords that relevant audiences usually type into search engines. 

Using keywords in your product listings also allows you to write more coherent descriptions. Products usually have descriptions and features written in a more technical way. By using keywords, you use terms that are most familiar to your customers. 

Estimated Search Volume For Specific Keywords

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Using keywords with high search volume is a key strategy for increasing sales and visibility. This allows you to make projections of how many customers or traffic you can drive to your product listings using specific keywords. 

As far as organic rankings go, looking B2C Phone List at a keyword’s search volume can also improve the performance of your ad campaigns. Without knowing which keywords have the most search volume, you’ll only end up paying for ads that won’t generate many conversions. 

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