What Are The Criteria In Choosing And Changing

Why is my killer lure not working? This is one of the questions that always played in my mind before. Sometimes the lure I use is very effective, and other times it is completely ignored by the fish. We all know that anglers are obsessed with lures. Maybe 9 out of 10 anglers will usually always ask the angler who successfully caught a fish, what type, brand and color of lure they used.

That’s probably the only thing they’ll ask. As if the brand or color of the lure alone is a mandatory factor in achieving a strike. More critical questions are often ignored. For example: What about the state of the fishing hotspot? How deep? Which lure game technique should be used? Etc.

Have you ever fished with someone who constantly changes lures or bait colors

Have you ever used the same lure as your Latest Mailing Database member, but your member was more successful in catching fish? Most anglers have many lures. Even I myself have boxes of lures. But, choosing the right one for a situation is paramount.

Making changes when necessary and changing the right lure in the right situation will determine our success. When to change the lure? Often when the results are not good, then the first step to take is to change the lure.

Certain types of lures brands sizes or colors will work better than others to trap certain fish at certain times

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But how to know the right time to change lures? — Of course from  experience. This knowledge will come from experience, for which there are no shortcuts. changing lures are effective for red bream Among the events that confused me.

Red bream refuse to accept deep diving lures, minnows B2C Phone List or soft plastics. On the other hand, it is more interested in poppers thrown at the same spot. Bloody savior..hehe But, it can also come from a bit of logical thinking.

Take some time to analyze the situation and reevaluate what we are doing.. and rectify the situation by making appropriate changes.

Situations that usually determine changing lures are: different water clarity conditions change in light intensity depth of pit changing environmental conditions changes in fish behavior Fish behavior is always unexpected Sometimes this fish is a confusing creature.

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