When you submit your project to a crowdfunding platform, you pay a commission to that platform, which acts as an intermediary. This fee varies by platform and charged on a case-by-case basis. In addition to these costs, it necessary to take into account the costs of communication. All this if you are not sure about financing. If you succeed in Crowdlending, you will pay interest on the amount received. However, only successfully assembled projects will be commissioned. The third disadvantage of crowdfunding the dilution of shares . It may happen that you will no longer be the sole owner of the project.

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You lose the right to make decisions.  are in the context of Crowd-equity. For this, you need to think carefully about financing mechanisms so as not to whatsapp mobile number list lose control over your business. The fourth disadvantage of crowdfunding the theft of ideas . Many people can steal ideas. The reality that the featured designs are available to anyone and increase the risk of theft. The fifth disadvantage financial risk.  to financial risk; he must communicate, feed and manage his crowdfunding campaign . There a cost to this whole process and it should not be overlooked. Submitting a project on a crowdfunding platform a free donation. Here are some donation funding platforms.

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Kickstarter Kickstarter an independent company with 92 employees working together, most from a former pencil factory in New York.  Kickstarter, building a sense of belonging for our creator projects, and supporting the ecosystem that surrounds B2C Phone List us Features of Islamic banks 30 December 2020 by FAUSTINO JUFUE Les Islamic banks are institutions with a religious connection, that , based on respect for the rules of Islam. However, they pursue both social and financial goals. Both classical and Islamic, they seek to make the best possible use of the invested capital. In this article, I present to you the features of Islamic banks. Based on the principle of profit and loss sharing.

Dilution of shares essentially occurs when

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