Sri Ganda Tembaring Hunting Mission Notes

If the kelah fish is the head of the mountain river, then the tembaring fish is the king of fish in the estuary. Kanai or also known as Tembaring and Blackbass (Lutjanus Goldiei) is an elusive species in the waters of our country. This fish is really exclusive because it can only be found in Papua New Guinea, Kalimantan and Sabah.

The specialty of this fish is not only because of the difficulty of finding it, but its extraordinary strength has also become the wonder of anglers around the world as the ultimate fishing license.

Bigfoot that was found wandering in the nearby mangrove forest

Sri Ganda’s Tembaring hunting Phone Number List mission, Kinabatangan I had the opportunity to follow my friend from Semporna to hunt this species in Sri Ganda, Kinabatangan, Sabah. Sri Ganda Nipah decorates the entire delta of the Sri Ganda river, becoming the playground of the Tembaring.

The journey takes more than 5 hours from Semporna across Kunak – Lahad Datu – Simpang Jeroco through vast oil palm plantations. We left at 2am and arrived at 7am. When we arrived at Kg.

Sri Ganda, we were warmly welcomed by the village leader, and our guide, Khairul Satria, known as Ipeng by his friendly nickname. The weather that day looked really nice and warm, making us all eager to get down to the action.

Unfortunately on the first day there was no catch to be proud of except for a rough-sized red

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After Finishing Eating Some. Cakes and Unloading B2C Phone List Things Into the Homestay. Without Further Delay We Went Down to the Jetty to Go to Lupuk. Tembaring. On the First Day, I Had the Opportunity to Cast in a Boat With Sipo Zaidy and Ipeng.

The Best Moment. For Me to Learn as Much as Possible. Because Both of These People Are. Very Experienced in the Casting Arena.

In my observation, the Sri Ganda river is mostly overgrown with nipah along its banks and has less mangrove areas. Bigfoot that was found wandering in the nearby mangrove forest.. wakaka!

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