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It doesn’t matter if you have a massive email list if most of those emails are bouncing or not opened. When bounce rates increase and engagement metrics go down, it signals the receiving server’s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) you’re not actively maintaining your list or sending engaging content. Insert Your Gif Using And your emails will likely get sent to the spam folder when the server receives these signals. Maintaining an email list and promoting long-term growth requires proactively pruning and managing your list.

Maintain email list hygiene

According to , which means your engagement rates are tanking partially due to emails that never even see the recipients. We get it; no one Spain WhatsApp Number Data wants to cut their list down. However, by removing addresses that i.e., are permanently undeliverable and subscribers who are unengag, you’ll increase your open rate and long-term email deliverability rate. If an email has a hard bounce or a subscriber doesn’t open emails for 12-18 months (depending on cadence), it’s time to cut them loose.

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Not sure where to start cleaning up your list? Check out, an email deliverability tool that will analyze your email list for you.

Implement a double opt-in

A  is when a subscriber is sent an email to confirm their subscription before being add to the email list. This prevents hard bounces because the user has to verify their email. It also requires an extra step of commitment from the subscriber to confirm their email so you’ll end up with fewer unengaged users.

Yes, you read that right. prevents them from getting sick of hearing from your brand.  Cultivates authenticity with your readership. And improves  B2C Phone List overall engagement on your list.You can make it easy to unsubscribe from your emails by including a prominent unsubscribe link in every email and creating a 1-click unsubscribe process. Insert Your Gif Using A 1-click unsubscribe process includes pre-populating the email field, making feedback optional, and creating simple ways of adjusting preferences, such as checkboxes.

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