If you have several commitments Make sure you have to fulfill, the deadline will probably not be respected. R (relevant): Ex.: It is important to carry out the proposed activities for the subject of the ADM course. T (time): How long will it take to reach the goal? Ex.: Until Friday afternoon. For very long tasks, the tip is to break them down into smaller, more manageable chunks. 12. Sleep well Going to bed at the same time each night helps your body establish a routine. A poorly slept night can cause stress and disrupt your study time. Check out some tips for better sleep: Create a cozy place to sleep, with low light; Avoid using electronic devices before bed, such as your cell phone; Do not watch television before going to sleep, as the sounds will make the body enter a state of alert, making it difficult to enter the deepest phase of sleep.

Check out an example of the One Minute Meditation

Give preference to light foods at dinner, avoiding very greasy foods, as digestion is slower during the night; Avoid caffeinated drinks in the evening as they have a stimulant effect. 13. Practice meditation Mind and body walk together. It is often difficult to disconnect from the outside world and stop Netherlands Phone Number Data thinking about the problems that happened throughout the day. And that, of course, ends up becoming an obstacle when studying. A good tip is meditation. Practice can help reduce stress and anxiety, enhance self-knowledge, improve sleep, increase positive emotions and focus development. A typical meditation consists of focusing all attention on the breath. There are several techniques that can be found in videos on Youtube or in books, such as ” Mindfulness: Mindfulness by authors Danny Penman and Mark Williams.

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Sit upright in a chair with a straight back

If possible, move your back slightly away from the back of the chair so that your spine can support itself. Your feet can rest on the floor. Close your eyes or look down. Focus your attention on your breathing as the air flows in and out of your body. Notice the different sensations generated by each inhalation and exhalation. Watch the breath without waiting for anything special to happen. There is no need to change the B2C Phone List natural rhythm. After a few moments, your mind may start to wander. As she becomes aware of this, she brings her attention back to her breath, gently. The act of noticing that your mind has wandered and bringing it back without criticizing yourself is central to the practice of mindfulness meditation. Your mind may be as still as a lake – or it may not. Even if you get a feeling of absolute peace, it may only be fleeting.

Make sure you have enough time to complete

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