Is there a difference between an EAD and in-person diploma?

There is no difference between the EAD diploma and the one obtained in an on-site graduation, as both have the same recognition by the Ministry of Education (MEC). There is also no difference between diplomas in the job market: it is not necessary to say in the resume or in the interview that the course was done at a distance. Learn more about the subject with the main doubts that students have about the distance learning diploma: What is EAD? Is the EAD diploma specified? Is the EAD diploma valid for competitions? Do you have to put EAD on your resume? Who has an EAD diploma earns less than who did a face-to-face graduation? How does the job market see the distance learning diploma? Is it worth doing an EAD degree? In which institutions can I find 100% distance learning colleges.

Can I do a postgraduate degree with an EAD diploma?

Institutions interested in offering degrees in this modality need to request specific accreditation from the Union. According to the MEC, distance learning is characterized as: Educational modality in which the didactic-pedagogical mediation in the teaching and learning processes occurs with the Hong Kong Phone Number Data use of information and communication means and technologies, with students and teachers developing educational activities in different places or times. As a regulated modality, the distance learning diploma is, therefore, the same as the face-to-face one. In addition, the requirements, the workload and the subjects are the same. What differs is the way the courses are made. What is an EAD course? Clarify all your doubts! Is the EAD diploma specified? No! In your diploma it will not be specified, nor written, if you took the distance course.

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How long is the EAD diploma valid for?

Only your training area will be include, as well as in the face-to-face diploma. Therefore, do not think that the distance learning diploma is “worth less”, or that it is “different”. The EAD diploma has the same validity as the face-to-face one. Is the EAD diploma valid for competitions? If you want B2C Phone List to take a public tender and one of the requirements in the announcement is to have an undergraduate diploma, know that the EAD diploma is valid, as long as the Higher Education institution is duly registered and recognize by the MEC. Pursuant to Article 5 of Decree No. 5622 of 2005: The diplomas and certificates of distance courses and programs, issued by accredited institutions and registered in accordance with the law, will have national validity.

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