This is why it is important to present

It is difficult for the customer to buy a service – because it cannot be seen, touched or otherwise detected in   This is why it is important advance. the customer with  physical proof of service , such as brochures and references of what you have done for other customers in the past.

Imagine that you had finally managed to save a decent sum through hard work and would like to buy a long-term home for your family. You think a lot about what kind of apartment you would like, but it is still hard for you to imagine what the house would look like when finished and who would you dare count on for one of the biggest decisions of your life.

At this point, service certificates such as brochures, floor plans, 3D modeling help to specify what the apartment would look like when finished. Websites and references also play an important role when the buyer thinks about whether the developer is reliable.

Prove your expertise

When they need expert services, people usually use an expert they already know or ask their Saudi Arabia Phone Number List  colleagues for recommendations. If no one comes to mind, let’s go online. When choosing an expert, important criteria are the expert’s experience and  customer references . In addition, it is an advantage if you have knowledge of your client’s industry. To get concrete testimonials, ask for them from your clients or colleagues, and make sure they are displayed in the channels you use, such as your website, LinkedIn and brochures.

How can you convince the customer that you are an expert in the

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field? It’s not enough to be good and know it yourself. You must also be able to convince the customer.

Write a book, or if that’s too B2C Phone List  much, write a guide or keep a blog. Be a guest speaker at events in your field. And take a stand on the discussion related to your field through opinion. Writing or social media.

By giving interviews to magazines or other media. You will further increase your reputation as an expert .And you may reach a large number of potential customers completely free of charge.

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