Discover How to Deliver On demand Experiences to Your Audience

The personalization of content aims to develop. Discover How Specific and individualized marketing materials and actions. Through market, purchase and navigation data, companies can offer different experiences depending on the stage of the purchasing journey, profile or behavior of consumers. A little over 100 years ago, the story goes that Henry Ford told his customers in a meeting that they could buy a car of any color they wanted, as long as it was black. Whether true or not, the fact is that since then the way we understand and treat consumers has completely changed.

Discover How is Content Personalization

Content personalization consists of using top people data customer data to provide posts. Messages and offers based on the customer’s interests, behavior or maturity within the purchasing process. You have certainly already seen this practice on several occasions, your name in an email message, suggested pages based on navigation, banners with recommended products and several other situations. What you see on the home page of Netflix or Amazon, for example, is not the same as what other users see.

What Are the Types of Content Personalization

Personalization is not a new practice, companies B2C Phone List have been investing in personalized products and targeted communications for decades. However, today we have cutting-edge technology to refine the public in a way never seen before and these resources are increasingly used by websites, e-commerce , social networks and other platforms. By putting all the approaches together, we created four basic types of personalization. Such data is very useful for business and product development, as well as for creating advertising campaigns. 

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