Meet Ion, a marketing platform that offers companies the ability to attract. The New Interactive Engage, understand and convert their audience using interactive content. Its no-code interface requires no programming knowledge, and its rich feature set allows you to create highly customized, scaled parts. From the first newspapers and travel guides to current corporate blogs and social networks, Content Marketing has undergone the most diverse transformations. Interactive content is the next step in this journey and its main characteristic is to offer an extremely attractive experience to users.

What is This Platform for The New Interactive

Since each point of contact with the buyer persona email contact list is an opportunity to get to know them and start a relationship, the goal is to help companies engage their audience and boost their brand through interactive experiences. The platform allows you to create content for all stages of the sales funnel , satisfying all the demands of an Inbound Marketing strategy . However, its resources and versatility also benefit companies that focus their communication on paid media. Interactive content features only tend to contribute to engagement and increase time spent on the page.

What Are the Advantages of Ion

With the great offer of B2C Phone List information available today. Capturing the attention of the consumer has required more and more effort and creativity on the part of companies. In this sense, interactivity appears as another instrument to attract and engage people . Although it is an originally North American platform, its email, chat, support and onboarding services are already offered in Spanish. However, it is important to note that functions within the platform, for the most part, are presented with icons . Therefore, edits and configurations can be easily made by anyone, including users who are not familiar with English.

The New Interactive Marketing Tool From Rock Content

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