How and when would I set up a start-up after more than 15 years of entrepreneurship

How and when would I set up a start-up after more than 15 years of entrepreneurship. When I set up my first start-up at the age of 28, the world didn’t see it as it does today. Many did not even know the term start-up. “ Tartap or what is the name of what you are doing?” I had my first SL a few years before. I founded it during the time I was doing my PhD in Switzerland when I was 25. It was always about doing several things at the same time. 

My first start-up was a prison

My first start-up was a prison. If you have more than 20 people working and you have received financing of almost 2 million euros, you feel a email contact list responsibility for your staff and the investors who have trusted you. From the beginning the project was going nowhere. Looking back I should have made the decision to close after the first 12 months. Before it was more of a hobby. It started as an experiment for Quondos and I haven’t stopped since.

How I set up start-ups today

How I set up start-ups today. Today my favorite model is bootstrapping . I don’t want to be accountable to anyone (other than my wife). The optimal thing is to set up a project with the income that is generated as you go. It’s how I founded Quondos together B2C Phone List with Alex Navarro. Quondos was sold and recently the new owners sold again. Although in the end the sale did not generate much for me, I am glad that Quondos continues. The first two years I lost money selling professional hair dryers.

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