What is an FAQ page and what is it for

Here’s what you ne to know. Content index What is an FAQ page and what is it for The strategic objective of a FAQ Some examples of FAQs that work How to create an SEO friendly FAQ Do good keyword research Organize questions into topics Write appropriate answers to the FAQs Add FAQ schema for rich snippets The right way to create SEO and UX FAQs  page and what is it for The FAQ page – acronym for Frequently Ask Questions – is a resource for websites. blogs and e-commerce that contains typical questions from the public. With relat answers. The goal is to shorten the time ne to find the solution to a problem. anticipating the question and publishing content relat to the question capable of satisfying the user . The response can only be textual.

Organize questions into topics

Also divid into H2 and H3 titles. but relat multimia content can be add to functionally enrich the support. Must .Read: .How T.o .Optimize. Your. Website .Structure. the .Strategic ..Objective .Of a . on the .Ux Side. the Goal .Of a .Page .With .Frequently .A .What Is.an  .Sk .Questions Is.clearly. to .Avoid the Frustration of the User Who Is Looking for a Solution .To .A Problem and Does Not Want to Wait for Support. He doesn’t want to interact with an app  new database  or chat. he just wants to find answers to questions. The  serves to resolve this issue and works when common questions that require simple answers are intercept.

Write appropriate answers to the FAQs

new database

This also .Allows you to obtain .Results in terms of .Ranking on Google : an SEO friendly FAQ intercepts questions on. Google and allows   .You to bring traffic. Some .examples .of FAQs .that .work Before tackling the strategic .steps for an .SEO. FAQ you. should. consider. including .these. questions .and answers .in your website .resources. The solutions. are .divid into. two .main .schools .of .thought: that of the dicat page and the. multiple. FAQ to. create. various .touchpoints.There are questions and answers integrat into existing pages (landing page. home page. product B2C Phone List  sheets) or in specific sections of the portal . Here is a first example with a web page dicat to FAQs. seo friendly faq.

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