The strategic objective of a FAQ

An example An example of SEO optimiz FAQ in dicat area. Here we have an initial menu that allows you to navigate between the various questions and accordions that open and close to allow the user to read or not what he really nes. There are other examples of virtuous FAQs which however differ from this solution. Netflix. to cite a specific case. puts the questions and answers not only in the specific section but also on the home page while Amazon itself adds an area dicat to questions to the product sheets . FAQ example on Amazon e-commerce Example of FAQ on Amazon in the product sheet.

Add FAQ schema for rich snippets

The best solution? First of all. we ne to understand where we want to clarify the user’s doubts and bring any traffic link to the indexing of the text. We put user satisfaction at the center in the key phases of interaction with the website. Then we ne to clarify one point: the centrality of the FAQ. If the project deals with a type of business with various aspects to clarify (as happens in e-commerce) it is better to Latest database¬† create a generic FAQ page in the eyes of the public . Which however can coexist with boxes to be publish on individual pages. This way you can cover all your nes. How to create an SEO friendly FAQ

The right way to create SEO and UX FAQs

latest database

To understand exactly how to create a question and answer page suitable for intercepting traffic – and at the same time useful for the user’s nes – you must respect a series of points. We are talking about a real on-page SEO optimization work for FAQ pages which starts from a study of the public’s nes up to the web copywriting¬† B2C Phone List work . Do good keyword research The basis for an SEO FAQ page is this: you ne to find out what the audience’s questions are around a given search intent .

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