How To Choose Keywords And Optimize My Ads On Shopee

Despite Shopee being one of the largest eCommerce platforms in Southeast Asia, many sellers are still faced with a series of challenges when it comes to maximizing sales potential. One of the most common problems that sellers usually face is related to product exposure and visibility. Even though the Shopee platform is packed with thousands of potential buyers at any given time, business competition makes it difficult for many new brands and sellers to get their products noticed. Despite the challenges of competing with Shopee Preferred Sellers or Authorized Stores, if you can utilize Shopee My Ads in an efficient manner, you will stand a good chance of landing your product in the top five product search results.

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How to Choose Keywords and Optimize Shopee Ads

As a sequel to our previous post “ Spend My Ads: The Ultimate Guide February 2019 ”, We are going to talk about tips and tricks to help you choose keywords for Shopee Ads. 

Select the products you want to use in the campaign. Note that you can only create keyword ads for one product at a time. 

You can set the budget database and length of time for your campaign. Then click Add Suggested Keywords. 

When you do this, Shopee will automatically add the most recommended keyword groups for your ad campaign. 

This is the tricky part when you’re trying to choose the best keywords for your campaign. Read on to learn how to choose and optimize Shopee keywords. 

After Selecting All Suggested Keywords from Shopee, Don’t Publish Your Shopee Ad. Instead, Click Add More Keywords


After selecting your preferred Shopee suggested keywords, don’t publish your keyword ad campaign just yet. Instead, click Add Keyword. After this, Shopee will suggest more keywords for you. 

When you do, Shopee will B2C Phone List suggest more keywords for you. Adding these additional keywords is up to you. The more keywords you add, the higher your potential clicks and impressions will be, but make sure you have an advertising budget to help you estimate how many keywords you can include in your campaign. 


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