Tiemco Mad Pepper sipo Zaidy lure. After going through that boring evening, we returned to the homestay to rest and prepare ourselves for the next day since there was no glimpse of sleep that day.

No, there will be more tomorrow.. mangrove jack on tiemco mad pepper Zaidy managed to tame red sea bream on the first day with Tiemco Mad Pepper parrot color. Day Two On the second day, we all went down to the jetty as early as 6 am again.

After the catch we only managed to raise a few grouper

Since the horse power of our boat is relatively Database small, we first speed to the location leaving Zaidi and Zakwan who are in a bigger boat. Jr with our chief, Ipeng. Jr with our chief, Ipeng. That morning, we received strikes as early as the first cast but the fish that were willing to stand out were only fish that were not our target such as chopsticks, alu, grouper and red sea bream only.

Ipeng managed to raise young bream and red bream. Even though the sun is getting hotter and the fish are less ferocious, that doesn’t dampen our spirits to tap every nipah base along the river. The reeds have arrived, we are fighting all the way. grouper lure Late morning grouper that hit Mad Pepper Kuning Jr.

We decided to go back to the jetty because we would be leaving that same night to Semporna


Finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for all my B2C Phone List life has arrived. Once you snap, continue solid hookup! Although its size is only around 2kg, but the resistance and solid run provided is thrilling. Alhamdulillah this fish was landed successfully. What’s more important to me, it’s my first license.

Yahoo! Kanai Sri Ganda This first blackbass license made me lose my sanity for 10 minutes.. After taking pictures of two or three pieces of the fish, they were safely released into their original habitat. May it grow and give fierce resistance to the next caster.

On that day I had the opportunity to cast with Jr

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