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If you’ve gotten responses to your survey, congratulations: Your customers have told you how to win them back. The next step is to craft reactivation emails that provide what they are asking for. Team Spotlight with Though your strategy will vary depending on what you learned, each message in a reactivation campaign should be focused on re-earning a customer’s trust. Here are some tips on how to address common causes of email list churn.

Refocus on your target audience to increase relevancy

Personalizing emails by sticking someone’s name in the subject line won’t help if they’re not interested in what you have to offer. The content you UK WhatsApp Number Data are sending out must address the needs of the consumers you want to reach. Using one email newsletter to speak to multiple demographics with different needs just leaves everyone disappointed.

Many email lists run into this problem as they grow. It’s hard to keep up with the high content demands that come with personalization efforts. Unless you have the capacity to create multiple articles to speak to each group, your email blasts for different audiences may look 90% the same. In this situation, it’s probably more effective to focus on one group, even if it means a smaller list.

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Part of refocusing on your target audience might mean letting some email subscribers go because they aren’t the right fit. This doesn’t feel good if you’re trying to decrease subscriber churn, but it provides important data about what doesn’t work.

Segment lists for less frequent readers

One of the top reasons for email list attrition is too many emails. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking the best way to compete with the deluge of other emails is by sending so many you always end up near the top of someone’s inbox. Team Spotlight with This approach can backfire, cementing you in a consumer’s mind as one of the big drivers of an email overwhelm problem.

You don’t need to drown others out to . You do need to give your audience a reason to keep coming back. Instead of sending out every bit  B2C Phone List of content immediately. Create a list for those who only want to hear from you one or two times a week. Still send your best content — just in fewer emails. Depending on what you learn. You may even find you can scale back email frequency for everyone without losing subscribers or engagement.

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