No more unfair store practices Everything you need to know ab the Omnibus Directiveout

We Heard About the Omnibus Directive in May Last Year. However, Poland Did Not Adapt to Eu Law on Time. From the Beginning of 2023, Emphasis Was Placed on the Fairness of Sales, and the Law Also Became Applicable in Our Country. What is Worth Knowing About of the Most Important Aspects Covered by the Omnibus Directive is the Obligation to Provide Accurate Information on Price Reductions. Of Particular Interest to Both Consumers and Entrepreneurs in the Context of the Act is the Need to Provide Data on Prices Applicable in a Given Period Before the Reduction.

No more artificial promotions

The Key Reason for Introducing ws data the Obligation to Inform About Previous Prices Before a Reduction Was the Practice of “Price Juggling” Often Used by Entrepreneurs. Business Owners Had a Habit of Artificially Inflating Them Before Starting the Promotion. Consumers Then Thought They Were Buying the Product at a Bargain Price, When in Fact the Price Was Unchanged and in Some Cases Even Higher.
This Situation Could Be Observed Primarily Before the Start of Large Promotions, Such as Black Friday or Cyber ​​ The Purpose of the Omnibus Directive is to Combat This Type of Unfair Play and to Give Real Value to Discounts, Which Will Ultimately Improve the Situation of Consumers.

What regulations do the new regulations

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Article 1 of Law 1 Adding the B2c Phone List Omnibus Directive to Directive States That Any Price Reduction Announcement Must Include the Previous Price Charged by the Company for a Specified Period Before the Reduction Was Applied. The Previous Price is Considered to Be the Lowest Price Charged by the Brand in a Period That Cannot Be Shorter Than 30 Days Before the Promotion is. Directive May Be Fully Understandable at First Glance, It Still Raises Many Doubts. They Mainly Concern Issues Such as the Understanding of the Term “Announcement of Reduction” or the Interpretation of the Phrase.

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