How did the modality emerge and what has changed to date?

This number is an important milestone for distance learning and shows that the stigma that once existed on the modality is in the past. Since the beginning of the 21st century, distance learning has been gaining more and more space in higher education. Between the decades of 2010 and 2020, for example, the modality grew by 474% on offer, while the number of entrants in face-to-face teaching decreased by 23.4% . But do you know what led to this phenomenon and how distance learning came about? In this article, you will learn a little more about the history of distance learning, how this modality conquered its space in higher education and the path it took to become the most popular type of graduation among Brazilians. Check out: What is the origin of the EAD? History of distance learning in Brazil What does the legislation say about EAD.

Why did distance learning grow so much in the country?

Find out how many undergraduate courses there are in Brazil! What is the origin of the EAD? Despite seeming to be a recent invention, the history of distance learning begins in the 18th century. At the time, it became common to publish science disclosure letters in newspapers and periodicals New Zealand Phone Number Data With these letters, it was possible to teach the population that had access to journals about scientific discoveries and technological advances. This practice could not yet be called distance learning, but it was from there that education through correspondence became popular. During the first half of the 19th century, educators mailed lessons and concepts to their students. In 1856, the first correspondence school was founded , which was intended to teach languages.

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But then, several other courses emerged, such as training teachers for Sunday schools, accounting and safety measures for working in mining. Correspondence teaching reached colleges in the late 19th century. In 1891, the University of Wisconsin began teaching its extension courses at a distance. Following suit, the University of Oxford and the Hermod Institute created their own correspondence courses in the areas B2C Phone List of teacher certification. The expansion of distance learning in the 20th century It was during the 20th century, especially between the First and Second World Wars, that distance learning had its first worldwide boom . This expansion was mainly due to new technologies (such as telegraph and radio), increased interest in formal education and improvement of postal services, means of transport and roads.

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