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Buyers on Allegro can compare your offer with your competitors in a very simple and quick way. One click is enough for a customer to move from your auction to a competitor’s offer.

For this reason, it is important that at the very beginning of the sale, the description of the offer is more qualitative and comprehensive than other offers in a given category. Photos, sales techniques and copywriting itself are becoming more and more important on Allegro.

Look at the example below.

You can choose one of two products in 3 seconds. For a better impression, let’s assume that these are similar products at the same price.

Buyer service on Allegro

This is well illustrated by the example of an iron – when asked Ws Data suddenly, a consumer will have difficulty finding the right words to evaluate it and will most likely say that it is a great iron and irons well.

However, from the perspective of searching for such a product, the situation will be completely different, because the consumer will look for a product taking into account his specific requirements.

For example: an iron with a long cable because the socket is quite far away, with a strong steam output because the current one is too weak, with an automatic switch because you want to ensure safety, a narrow foot to easily iron a shirt, or one that does not burn clothes.

Implementation Time the Process

So how can you help customers leave long, detailed reviews B2c Phone List that will make it easier for future buyers to make decisions?

TrustMate comes with an interesting solution – they have developed a globally unique system of dedicated, clickable suggestions for leaving opinions. Thanks to this, the evaluator can easily pay attention to the most important features of the product in the review and create a ready-made statement from a pool of previously prepared phrases, which – very importantly – contain keywords.

Thanks to this, the ready opinions are long and detailed (on average about 200 characters with spaces, i.e. up to 10 times longer than standard ones), and in addition they have a positive impact on the positioning of the entire website! Now the question is: assuming a customer spends an average of 20 seconds on an auction, which bid will they pay on?

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