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So how do you produce good content that many people want to read and share? It is a good idea to start thinking about the topics with the keyword list you prepared earlier. Words and phrases that are searched a lot, but whose difficulty level is not in the sky, will tell you the most fruitful topics for content.

The kind of content that people want to read is usually entertaining or useful in some way.

For example, various guides, instructions and tips lists are of interest to many. Read more about writing a business blog here .

From the point of view of search engines, texts should be long

enough, at least more than 500 words. a bit longer text, you definitely know what you’re talking about. Longer texts also have their advantages from the writer’s point of view: you can naturally include your keywords without the repetition feeling clunky.

It is good to build each article around one or at most two keywords – search engines also like that  Iceland Phone Number List you stick to a narrowly defined topic. It is good to place the keyword in the article, especially in the title, subheadings and captions. Of these, the search engine knows how to find it best.

Also, don’t forget the names and alt texts of the most processed images. In body text, you shouldn’t try to forcefully repeat keywords too much, so that the text doesn’t become clunky – despite keywords and search engine optimization, it’s worth keeping in mind that the goal is to write interesting and easy-to-read content for your customer, which he also wants to share with his friends to read.

Read more tips for writing here: 8 tips for writing a better text .

5. Take advantage of the features of your website platform


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One major factor in a website’s search engine success is the structure of your site. Building  B2C Phone List a website usually starts with choosing a suitable platform. Popular website platforms include WordPress, Squarespace and Wix. These are also all friends of the search engines, because the search engines consider these platforms quite reliable in principle.

In addition to texts and images, search engines evaluate the site’s structure and also draw conclusions about the site’s reliability. The structure of the site should be logical and clear, and the most important pages should also be linked to other pages within the site.

Important points on the website are the page titles as well as the titles, subheadings and captions of the text on the page, without forgetting the file names and alt texts of the images that have already been mentioned several times.


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