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The White House built and relaunched its website in 2009, giving Drupal the big boost it needed. Currently, government websites such as NASA, the French government’s official portal, the New Zealand government, the Prime Minister of Australia, and many others are powered by Drupal. The main reason behind this is that Drupal provides extensibility to develop websites from basic to complex and customized websites.

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Some of the other benefits you can get by industry email list working with a custom Drupal development company include: 1. Cost-Effectiveness: One of the main reasons why governments started leveraging Drupal is that it is an inexpensive content management solution. Not only is it an open source platform, but it is maintained by a large community of thousands of developers from around the world. Drupal is free to download, use, and share.

This helps government organizations

Without spending a penny to download Agent Email List or set up basic infrastructure. It offers hundreds of extensions and modules that are free to use through the Drupal community. In addition to this, the technology that powers Drupal is regularly updated with new versions and bug fixes. This helps government organizations and departments save a lot of time and money that they would otherwise spend using and licensing proprietary platforms.

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