From Bridgerton to Bingoton this hilarious campaign parodies

From Bridgerton they have never really gone out of fashion, but period dramas have definitely gained new vigor with the invaluable help of The Bridgertons , the successful Netflix series set in the Regency period in the United Kingdom. The online betting house Paddy Power is stepping into the beatific shadow of The Bridgertons in its new campaign , but it is not doing so with the intention of venerating the genre but rather with the intention of parodying it (and laughing at it heartily) .

The advertisement transports the viewer to the high society

To promote its new daily, totally free industry email list online bingo service. Paddy Power has released. Hilarious 30-second spot called “Bingoton: Drama With Balls.” The transports the to the society of the 19th century. Places Miss Bingoton in the spotlight. Therefore, a marriageable young woman who is introduced to potential husbands. Using the slang commonly used today in the dating universe. Each suitor is assigned a number. Good old Miss Bingoton systematically rejects each. Therefore, every one of them based on a myriad of reasons.

There are many parallels between bingo and dating

With its new and fun campaign B2C Phone List Paddy Power aims to connect with a daytime target through television. Therefore, leveraging the power of popular culture to do so . As everyone knows, dating shows are all the rage on television. And the truth is that there are many bingo and dating. Both universes are full of opportunities and ups and downs Therefore, explains Josh Green executive creative director of Octagon. The agency that signed the latest Paddy Power campaign. The spot was filmed at Addington Palace in Croydon. A town located in south London Therefore, its protagonist is the actress specializing in stand-up comedy Alice Etches.

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