Dentsu has launched its new “ Shoppertainment ” report where it analyzes the new ways of consuming and shopping. In 2021, digital commerce suffered a growth of 11.7% and for this reason, its focus is on the new consumer trend originating in China. It has represented a great revolution in digital commerce because it has connected content and sales ” in an innovative, entertaining and interactive way .” For this reason , Densu’s Audience Insights team analyzes the best ways to do this effectively and what the opportunities are for brands in these new formats.

What is Shoppertainment?

Shoppertainment is born from the top industry data fusion of social commerce (social networks become commerce centers). Therefore, influencer marketing and conversational commerce . Brands use streaming sessions to show their products and interact with consumers live. In this way, there is greater interaction and the company can know the opinions of its customers first-hand. This booming trend in Asia has led to global growth, gaining ground in the West. Dentsu predicts that this live shopping market will reach $35 billion in 2024 in the United States . According to a 2020 study by Forrester and AliExpress , “70% of European consumers are open to exploring the category and in Spain the number increases to 78% .”

Shoppertainment breaks the barriers of digital commerce

Confidence : By being able to see how B2C Phone List the product works live, they gain greater confidence. Therefore, it is a great advantage when making a purchasing decision. Price : Special discounts and offers are a big draw and a good hook. Immediacy : offers the possibility of buying the product you are seeing live quickly and easily (they have the impulse factor) According to Dentsu, “to be successful in Shoppertainment. Therefore, brands must use interactive formats that include chat, collaborative games. Therefore, wheels of fortune in which users can accumulate prizes and discounts.”

Shoppertainment the new trend that is revolutionizing e commerce

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