Quick ideas to earn some money this Christmas

Quick ideas to earn some money this Christmas.  A couple of weeks ago I told you that it was time to prepare for sales this Christmas . In my case, when some run out after 3 days, I start thinking about the next ones. Geld und InternetPhoto rights from Fotolia Especially if you have an existing business, it is essential to plan well this season since you will practically invoice in  the rest of the year. 

Create a community on Facebook Quick ideas to

Quick ideas to earn some money this Christmas. About a year ago I experimented with selling mugs and industry email list t-shirts on Facebook . It is a topic that requires little investment. In my specific case I have invested less than 100 euros to create a community of 4,000 Chihuahua lovers. The key is to find a specific niche of passionate people. Then you have to detect business opportunities. The simplest thing is t-shirts and mugs with designs on the theme. On dates like Christmas,  someone who identifies with the product. 

Buy products on Alibaba and sell them with Amazon Prime money this Christmas

This idea does require some investment. I would say B2C Phone List that between 500-1,000 euros to start, no one can take it away from you. A long time ago I invented the FAR concept to go far with Amazon and find the perfect product. In Retail there is a very simple rule. The benefit is in the purchase.  operation well before delving deeply into the subject.

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