The Islamic Bank presents itself as an important participant in ethical financing. The main purpose of BIs is to promote and stimulate economic development with respect for human dignity. Three main elements make Islamic banks special compared to their conventional equivalents. But before you get started, here’s a protocol for building your first online business. let’s go 1. The nature of financial intermediation  of financial intermediation. In reality, it is radically different from BC. BC is content to collect savings from some of its customers and lend them to other customers.

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Join us on Telegram Unlike the BC system,the BI system can be equated to investors or shareholders. This is to the point that they can receive dividends in the event that the bank makes a profit, or lose some of their capital otherwise. Get a 200% bonus phone number list after your first deposit. Use this promo code: argent2035 Article to read: How to successfully set up an offshore company from Africa? Therefore, BI is a partner for both its depositors and entrepreneurs. This system involves greater risks for the investor (bank) and protection for the entrepreneur (client). Thus, the existence of Islamic institutions represents an ethical alternative that is both competitive and complementary to conventional banks.

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Islamic banks versus conventional banks In terms of services provided, BIs offer the same services as BCs, with a few exceptions. In BI, participatory operations are very risky operations. Products based on buy/sell transactions are generally low risk B2C Phone List and investment deposits do not present the same risk as current accounts. Moreover,  bank as a last resort for refinancing due to the latter’s interest practices. Nor can they use traditional financial instruments to hedge risks due to the ban on interest and speculation. A comparison between the activities of BIs and the activities of CBs allows us to see that the activities of BIs are more risky in some points and less risky in others. Therefore, to facilitate the acceptance of Islamic banks in.

One of the features of Islamic banks is the nature

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