4 Tips for Creating An Internal Newsletter That Isn’t Boring

For example, when sharing quarterly stats, phrase it in a way that highlights their contribution. “Creating An Internal  Here is where our company OKRs are, which means each individual is performing at XY% of capacity. This is [good/bad/indifferent] because of XYZ. This is our opportunity moving forward, and this is how you can help us achieve that.”

Put a spotlight on your employees

It’s a psychologically proven principle that people love talking about themselves. According to, it’s so gratifying for people it engages the Mexico WhatsApp Number Data same areas of the brain as other pleasurable activities, like eating good food and even having sex. In short, it’s powerful. If you want to increase employee engagement, celebrate them, talk about them, let them share about themselves.

You can put a spotlight on your employees by celebrating success stories, featuring positive client feedback, sharing promotions, and introducing new hires.

Include diverse perspectives

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Help your employees feel a part of the team by including cultural role models with . Ask employees to contribute to the newsletter content and share their voice; don’t make things just from the executive team.

Invite employees to share their tips for a successful workday, big wins of the week, praise for their teammates, or a tour of their home office. If a cultural holiday is happening, invite a team member from that affinity group to share about it. Enable your employees to see themselves in the people representing your company.

Create employee feedback loops

When in doubt, ask. Let the people tell you what they want by providing opportunities for feedback. They probably have the best newsletter ideas  B2C Phone List out of anyone since they’re the ones reading it. Provide feedback opportunities through whatever communication channel your company uses most regularly to gain the most input. Creating An Internal  It may include a link at the bottom of newsletters or a poll in Slack; the point is to meet people where they are.

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