Benefits of Combining Email Marketing with Sms

This email from Inspire shares a blog roundup with its readers. The brief summary of each blog intrigues the reader to click and read the full post. Combining Email Marketing One of the unique things about email is the ability to provide interactive experiences for the subscriber. We don’t mean interactive like auto-response messages or gifs. We mean interactive in the true sense, like roll-over reveals, embedded forms, expandable content, product previews, etc.

How should you use SMS marketing

While many (like literally every blog on SMS marketing) tout a as the reason to use only SMS marketing campaigns, this doesn’t offer a complete picture. This stat isn’t hard to believe (despite the fact no one seems to have the original source for it). Who doesn’t open Australia WhatsApp Number Data their text messages (if only to delete them immediately)? However, you have to think about the context in which people receive these messages to understand their true value.

According to Statista. This isn’t to say SMS is not a preferred channel, though. SMS marketing messages are second only to email The responses seen in the Mobile Ecosystem Forum survey results above paint a clear picture of when and how users want to receive text message marketing. Here are the takeaways on how you should use SMS marketing.

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Just like with email

Text messages are highly personal and what some would even consider invasive, so getting permission is crucial. Only sending messages to users who are opted-in is not just a best practiceGetting opt-in from your audience can be as simple as asking them  B2C Phone List to take the lead by texting a keyword to sign up. Seen here is an example from Refuel Fitness, which asks its members to simply text “refuel” to sign up for SMS messages. Combining Email Marketing Once the member signs up, Refuel Fitness confirms their subscription and reiterates the value they can expect to receive.

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