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Of course, you should and can write about other things related to weddings in the blog, but the main focus in this case would be crafts and decorations. wedding blog, you should consider two things: the topic of the blog the future of the blog after the wedding Even at this stage, it’s good to think if the blog is just for documentation or if you could continue writing the blog after the wedding? You will definitely get some great posts from your honeymoon. family, in turn, creates continuity for the blog. If at this point you don’t know if you want to continue blogging after the wedding, that’s okay! You can always change the name of the blog later, but not the domain. Of course, you can always get a new domain and move the old blog there, but this usually requires technical know-how or a little budget.

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Choosing a blog platform Next is the choice of blog platform. Blogger is certainly new database the first natural choice because of the free service. But if the idea is to continue blogging after the wedding, I strongly recommend that you consider starting a WordPress blog directly. Usability is of course essential when choosing a blog platform . WordPress often feels challenging at first, but it gets easier with time. Based on its usability, Blogger is easier to take over, but it has certain limitations, for example when it comes to editing the layout. Also read these: 3 easy steps to start a blog  Choosing and editing the layout of the wedding blog I did a bit of research on what kind of themes suitable for wedding blogs might be found.

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I chose two WordPress and two Blogger themes for this post (click on the theme image to see how the theme looks live). The good thing about themes is that with them the blog no longer looks like a “mass blog”. With ready-made and inexpensive themes, you will get there much easier. Typically, themes cost anywhere from a few dollars to around a hundred B2c Phone List dollars. Of course, there are more valuable ones The price of this theme (*) is only $25 (approx. €21.50). Wedding blog: for your own pleasure or to meet the budget? While the price of this theme (*) is $59 (approx. €50.65).

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