When you see a GIF you like, simply click and hold on the image and then drag it over to your email client. Your Marketing Game  You’ll need to have the window with your email message visible at the same time as the page with your GIF for this to work.) This method doesn’t work in every email client, just those that support drag-and-drop uploading.

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Sites like GIPHY and Tenor make it easy to copy a GIF link from the share options; sites like Google Image Search don’t. You can always find the URL of a GIF by right-clicking the image and selecting “Copy Image Link.”

Once you have the URL in your clipboard, go back to your email client and find the Insert Photo button. If you’re using an email template, find an Russia WhatsApp Number Data image block (or GIF block, if your client offers one). Click it, select the “paste URL” option (if necessary), and then paste away.

Check to make sure the link you copied ends with the .gif extension, as some sites share the page URL rather than the image URL. If the link you have doesn’t end in .gif, try adding it yourself and see if the image pops up.

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Download and then re-upload

This method is the most involved and doesn’t come with any special benefits (unless you habitually download GIFs and have one ready to go). However, if your email client is refusing to copy an image that’s hosted on another site, you may have to upload a fresh version.

To download a GIF, right-click the image and select “Save Image As.” Your Marketing Game  Make sure the file keeps the .gif extension or you’ll lose  B2C Phone List the animation! It’s smart to double-check a GIF after downloading to make sure your device saved the correct image format.

In your email client, compose a new email, click the Add Image button, and select the option to upload a new file. Navigate to the GIF you saved, select it, then hit “Done.”

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