Reasons not to follow someone on Twitter

Provides value. His tweets are always of interest. You learn or you get informed. It’s a celebrity or guru on the topic you’re interested in. Therefore, He tweets regularly but sparingly about a certain topic, but if he has to talk about other matters, he also does so judiciously.Therefore, The number of followers he has shows that he is an influential and interesting twitter user. His bio makes you think that you can learn from him. He has an interesting blog and his tweets may be interesting too. Therefore, It is witty, ironic or biting. Reasons not to follow someone on twitter : his face is an egg. It does not have bio.

Follow or not Follow

It is impossible to know who is behind the Canadian Hospitals Email List account: no name, no photo, no bio, an indecipherable nickname. Therefore, He only follows you if you follow him. Therefore, Your tweets are protected. So why are you on twitter? He barely has any followers. Therefore, You are not the least bit interested in his tweets, either because of the topic, the tone he uses or the simplicity of them. It is only dedicated to the mere promotion of your blog, your products or your company. He only follows famous people and is dedicated to getting their attention by responding to their tweets.


That’s the thing on Twitter

An account was opene months ago, he wrote: “I already have twitter” and he B2C phone List has never been seen again. Therefore,  Your tl looks like a chat. He only talks to his friends. He only retweets what others say. Saturates. He don’t tweet, rather he vomits tweets. It’s spam. He’s a troll. Therefore, He simply attacks or boycotts others. Therefore, His last 10 tweets even interest him. He tweets his life as if he were on a reality show.Therefore,   Possibly you are addicte to foursquare and have linkin accounts. For using # hashtag in #articles.

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