Our purchasing habits have chang

  • Our purchasing habits have chang. And. Without exaggeration. We could also say our lifestyle. The same thing goes for those who look with interest at the facebook page or website of their favorite store before making a purchase. 
  • But what are the aspects to take into consideration for a successful local marketing strategy? 
  • Local seo : localiz. Search engine optimization makes websites visible through coherent and relevant keywords.

It is important to carry out research and know

  •  It is important to carry out research and know very well the customs and habits of new data the place you want to promote locally to choose the right words and hit the mark. After the online search. Once the user’s interest and curiosity has been arous.. It is easy to move from the web visit to the physical one! 
  • Social m.Ia marketing : managing the social m.Ia (mainly facebook and instagram) of a local business means telling your daily life to come into contact with the customer.

In order to define the target as much as possible and reach it

  •  In order to define the target as much as possible and reach it.
  • If us. With the right care. Instagram is an effective tool for local business: therefore be careful to use geotags. I.E. Tagging the location in which the business is locat.. As well as the right hashtags. There is also space for stories which. Among the possibilities that this social network offers us. Are certainly the most engaging.  
  • Reviews on platforms such as facebook. Google my business B2C Phone List and trip advisor are also very important: in fact. They play an important role for local business.

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