Minimizing the Impact of Unreliable Location Data

has the market cornered on more than just online quizzes. In fact, Buzzfeed’s simple email marketing strategy is one to copy.

You’ve probably noticed a common tactic in newsletter marketing: the teaser email.

This kind of newsletter example doesn’t provide the full text of an article; instead, there’s a small description of the article with a call to action  to a website or blog where the entire article lives.

The small description is important. Minimizing the Impact Your job is to write something that “teases” the reader, giving them a unique piece of information that encourages them to click on the story.

Why it works

The teaser email should be designed to grab the reader immediately, then encourage the reader to click through Iraq Phone Number Data for more. It’s deceptively simple, but hard to pull off.

First, you need a strong understanding of copywriting and how to hook your subscriber. Why do they subscribe to your list? For Buzzfeed, they’re looking for snackable, quick, and fun content (like their famous quizzes).

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CNN’s 5 Things

As far as newsletters go, marketers simply can’t go wrong with curated news on top trending topics. In CNN’s 5 Things newsletter, they take the top five morning news stories that they believe “you must know” and send them directly to your inbox.

Hear us out: email marketing, like exercising or forming a new habit, thrives on consistency. Minimizing the  B2C Phone List Impact What makes CNN’s regular 5 Things newsletter a success is that readers expect it and the content follows a predictable but valuable format.

It’s not lengthy or preachy, but keeps it simple. Here are the 5 things you need to know that are going on in the world right now. CNN’s 5 Things reminds marketers of a key lesson in email 101: when in doubt, go back to basics.

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